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Beijing specialties

1. Souvenirs: Old Beijing paper cutting, clay figurines of old Beijing colorful, old Beijing architectural model series, the Beijing-embroidered silk scarves, custom hand-embroidered cheongsam Jing, Xing Lanxiang the feeder, Wang Mazi scissors

2. Local specialty: Beijing sauerkraut, Miyun Ziziphus jujuba, less san roses, a large walnut Mentougou, Huairou chestnuts, all kinds of brand Royal Park preserved food, such as small sweet potato, candied fruit, dried fruit and Poria cake, Quanjude vacuum packaging the roast duck, Tianfu number Sauce, Wang and a fermented bean curd

3. Featured Shopping Street - Nanluoguxiang
1)Introduction: Nanluoguxiang is one of Beijing's oldest neighborhoods, is also ranked 25 in the planning of protected areas into the old city.  Nanluoguxiang is a north-south direction, north from Drum Tower East Street, South Street East, Tiananmen Square only to a total length of 786 meters and 8 meters wide, and the Yuan Dynasty (1267) built in the same period, is the only preserved the Yuan Hutong courtyard texture, the largest and highest grade, most resource-rich residential area of traditional chessboard.  Now features shops and bars all over the known, as many of the hot fashion magazine, where location shooting a lot of drama, as its many foreign travelers must visit attractions in Beijing.
2) Email store: Plastered 8 T-shirt shop characteristics, into the "Band-Aid 8", feels like 80 years exposure to the 20th century, Beijing, red enamel basins, old tin toys, children's tricycles, and so strange T shirt everywhere . Address is Nanluoguxiang 61.  Owner's name is Dominic, a native foreigner!  His three daughters, only the eldest was born in the United Kingdom, the second youngest was born in Beijing. 
Wen Yu cheese shops, stores do not look humble, but it is best to eat cheese Beijing. There are cheese, milk volume children, Shuangpi Nai, Yang tofu. Oda young owner, you can craft it as much as "plum."  All year round supply of sour plum is also featured here.  Address is Nanluoguxiang 49. FANCY-ME, selling handmade enamel jewelry.  Enamel is a traditional handicraft, jewelry sold in the store are based on the ancient palace of the handmade art, style, trace the traditional fashion, each only a few or even only a few pieces, if you need a pieces of jewelry are not Zhuangshan with others, then this shop is worth patronizing.  Address Nanluoguxiang 149, about 100 meters near the southern archway. 
3) Address: Xicheng District, Beijing Nanluoguxiang
4) where the business areas: Drum Tower

4.Featured shopping streets - SOLANA SOLANA International Business District
1) Introduction: SOLANA SOLANA International Business District, 19 2 to 3 layers of rich European-style buildings filled with exotic, classified according to different functions for the U.S. Swiss fashion department store, SOLANA MALL, Dynamic City theme restaurant, High Street, Leung Ma Shijie, left bank, the Central Square area.  Covering more than 1,000 brands, 600 retail shops, gourmet restaurants more than 30, more than 20 waterfront bars and legendary era of cinema, All-Star Skating Club, BHG fine selection of supermarkets and other rich. Lifestyle,International Business District, Solana SOLANA fashion, fresh and full of fun, different people can find their own in the Lifestyle, is ideal for a family to come to consumption, sharing happy time.  SOLANA SOLANA International Business District - a place to enjoy the new Beijing.
2) Address: Park Road, Chaoyang District 6
3) where the business areas: Liangmaqiao

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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