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Atypical Beijing Tour

so tea is good. 
To where the nest was already dark, the camera has no electricity, running all over the shop to sell things before I buy a battery of despair.  Do not like, that does not look good.  Good looking Water Cube, opened the blue light, really like a piece of ice. Did not go outside, took a few pictures, go to Double Street for dinner. 
Travel times when the streets Gui Gui Street came to, still pretty good.  The streets are almost every shop selling point, grilled fish grilled wings, bullfrogs crayfish. We took home the people of Taiwan to open the shop, the two sides one. Oh, the name reveals a harmony.Things that taste good, the point a bit more than half the duck left. 
Feel very tired after the sea before dinner, to not go after the sea's.After dinner, how to say, with the Beijing dialect is similar with the fight with blood, but also full of the spirit.  Xie Jie in the pipe under our car, all the way after visiting the past on to the sea. I think after the sea is a place easy to feel alone, and saw the lake soft sofa, really want to fall into the trap, of course, not a person.  Shanghai's bar is always a kind of restrained sense of distance, like the Shanghai women.  This is not a direct, transparent, easy, free, and again I think I'm better suited to stay in Beijing.

798 workshops throughout the day tour the next day. 
Ashamed to say, we do not have any artistic, and not in a careful evaluation of any one store, just fly and shoot some photos.Inside the big smoke like chimneys, and the rough water and the steam smoked very mottled walls, the students laughed at this point is SL, I feel hypocritical.  I think that place is very suitable for wedding and photo's, stunning long dress, makeup blurred face, a large abandoned factory, the effect must be amazing.  Anyway, next time have the opportunity to go to Beijing, or will it go to 798 to see the. 

Several times to Beijing, feel very different.  The first time, saw some classic Beijing attractions, being led, there is no concept.  Feel that they have not been returned to Beijing. The second and third are on a business trip, airport hotel office, three line, and to any other city business is no different. Only once, back to Shanghai when the taxi drive to the North Fifth Ring, looking out of the trees, I suddenly felt sad that he and the city still is not fate.  Qingshenyuanqian ah, in college, working, have had a dream, worked hard, but ultimately did not able to live in Beijing, even a short time. Only this time, it felt real close contact with Beijing, although far from understood, but the real feeling of the land set foot in Beijing, and breathe the air of Beijing. 

Do not know what time the next to go, what kind of feelings.

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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