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Beijing Zoo and Beijing Aquarium Raiders

Childhood to everyone, there are countless innocent and new experiences and fantasies.  In particular, the zoo, it is very exciting wonderful children the spirit of heaven.  More than children, in the face of nature's lovely elves, as people then why not enjoy a relaxing and fun that accompanied it?
Zoo, Beijing Aquarium, Beijing known as the cultural landscape, with a long history, rich display, beautiful environment, to become the city's most active and most easily, the most natural one treasure.  The Raiders hope focused on the vital introduction to lead you into this wonderful world. 

In 1906, the Beijing Zoo, the predecessor of agricultural experiment station in the south bank of sorghum, a site set up gardens and temples, an important reason for the establishment of the Empress Dowager Cixi do not want to happen is the beloved elephant was starved to death in the palace tragedy.  Initially exhibited zebra, kangaroo, ostrich, leopard, lion and other species from Germany to buy nearly exotic animals, Empress Lafayette and two to the admiration of the emperor. After 40 years, the war again and again, the animals could not escape the mass annihilation, 1949, the garden only 13 monkeys and a struggling Australian ostrich mess.  With the advent of peace, the zoo has developed rapidly, more and more natural messengers from around the world come to settle down, and moved into a super star - Beijing Aquarium.  Now, the Beijing Zoo is already feeding more than 5,000 animals on display China's largest city zoo. 

Beijing Zoo is indeed built on the site of gardens and beautiful scenery and quiet environment, across the river from the north, central, there are several different sizes of water, a very nice big garden.  Very large area of the park: 1.2 km from east to west, 0.8 km from north to south, the park seats and relatively small (critical to the zoo), pay attention to physical distribution, proper rest.  Carefully study the proposed admission of the Museum of distribution and road connections, or at the box office to buy a brochure.  Selling point of the park eating less, can bring their own drinking water.  If you take a child, to give full consideration to the child's physical tolerance and dietary needs. 
Park road twists and turns, be sure to pay attention to crossing signs, a little negligence may be the wrong direction. Distributed in the four corners of several major premises: Panda House is located 100 meters from the gate; Liger mountain in central garden, Panda is NATO's 300 meters; Elephant and the Beijing Aquarium in the garden north of the north bank long distance Liger Hill about 200 meters; Monkey Hill in the southeast corner of the garden, the main entrance and the Panda about 200 meters east, a north-south heavy metallic closed below the elevated tunnel; Penguin Museum is located at the southwest corner of the garden, about 1 km from the Panda It is remote, but the signs are not very clear, and good in the southwest near the exit, to co-ordinate arrangements for routes. 
Panda favorite being the main entrance, straight after the main entrance into the forward loop through several Lok Sin Wai Park main entrance of ancient small square, a bamboo shade into, that is, Panda House.  Panda composed of two buildings by the new and old, the new hall is built for the 2008 Olympic Games, quintana glass curtain wall, displayed from time to time from the Wolong invited "guests" Panda, "guests" will go home, so the new museum Panda number will change; with the old shop sleep all day, focusing instead on the few "landlord" Panda compared to able-bodied Wolong Panda energetic, eating and noisy, wished he could toss a upside down, and some will rob Peer mouth delicious fresh bamboo, look just like hun shi Sundance Kid; some little guy will jump up to the glass front, curiously, with a big fluffy paw patted the glass greeted with tourists, this is almost close and treasure the opportunity to , you had better grasp.  A reminder, Panda Garden is the garden, if purchased tickets for the zoo, an additional single tickets purchased 5 Yuan Panda House. 
Park is also a garden there are Penguin, tickets 10 yuan, and the ticket is not included in the Penguin.  However, it is recommended to look at the thousands of miles, from the cold side of the globe to Beijing home to the lovely guests. Museum suitable temperature, huge glass room, penguins have their own little environment. What impressed me most is the little penguins swimming in the water very cool attitude. Maybe I'm Yanzhuo, a door, he just did not distinguish between the immediate background is the real draw is a good penguin penguins. go on。 Your ground, look at his eye, go on.
Some hope for a long time for your baby, such as giraffes, black bears, rhinos, golden monkey, and so, some may be your unheard of, such as garden centers tapir species have a museum, take a look at something like open-air museum in the maze those "tapir" in the end even the "me"? Exploration and discovery, is a happy thing.
Of course, since it is the zoo, there is smell in the offing, some animals do not pay attention to star manners, self-health awareness needs to be enhanced.  Darwin, the old man in this, please do a self-criticism, learning life-sized, but they ignore the evolution of animals education work. 
Draw your attention here: Please take care of animals, do not bully these lovely creatures, and do not spoil them, and more attention to the tips of the premises, yo. 

Tickets: 10 yuan off-season, 15 yuan (including Panda), season 15 yuan, 20 yuan (including the Panda), 5 yuan off-season discount tickets, season 8 yuan, the elderly vouchers free of charge, Panda 5 Yuan, Penguin 10 element; off-season is November 1 to March 31 next year, April 1 to October 31 for the season opening hours: 7:30 ~ 17:00 off-season, season 7:30 ~ 18:00
Address: Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District, No. 137, Transportation: Zoo Station, Subway Line 4, the A reflexive mouth 2 minutes walk to the east; bus 27,45,87,105,107,111,319,334,347,360 , 360 fast, 362,534,563,632,697,714,608,614, special 4, Express 104, Express 105, Express 106, Express 205 Zoo Station
Beijing Aquarium Aquarium is located in the brush Cui Liu a long shore north bank.  Liger mountain bridge north of the river is a good panoramic view aquarium construction site, the reason for the appearance of ornamental mentioned, because I first met it was conch curve sketched out a huge white outline, can not help resist. 
Entering the museum, a wide space for blowing tropical tall, dense planting of the rain forests, rushing water, circling the trail, the mysterious head space, dim lights in a little time to adapt, however. Here is the aquarium in the first six regions: rainforest wonders. The remaining five regions are the touch pool, Harbour Cruise, Shark, Whale and Dolphin Bay and the Ocean Theatre. 
Walking along the trail to the depths of the trail is the one high on both sides of the wall, a wall lined with a mosaic of glass close large water tanks, water tanks with soft background lighting, colorful fish to relaxing in your eyes swimming.  You must be seeing things, large and small aquariums where nearly 30,000 live exotic aquatic organisms, that is, more planes on the bridge of the nose of the two eyes of many people, it is not capable of read one by one.  It would have seemed not long trail magic, in fact, is a sweet fish that you no sense of place to walk on. Attention to their own safety, but also pay attention to the safety of the fish tank, in this world of the Jade Pool, you will not hit flash, it will not slap the water tank. 
What a long touch pool fun place.  But I still have not figure out is true that we touch live starfish, or plastics?  This has been entangled. Smart you are, help us to be a judge. But whether true or plastic starfish starfish, hand Effort must be light but light. 
It is worth mentioning that the shark pool - there is so little original shark, big head carp and almost the same.  I remember elementary school, I read an article, a foreign female scientists, who test their feelings of being a shark bite, the title of the article is very encouraging people: trying to make a shark bite.  If the carp the size of the shark bite, I will not change color face heart does not jump. Of course, not to provoke a shark or a pool guy that big is better.  You do not scare the shark was high tempered glass separated with tourists. 
Lun submarine must travel around the wonderful, good things can be too often is an Epiphyllum, if not enjoyable, you bone up on the floor, legs and feet to climb a few times, repeat around several times. 
All fascinated, of course, dolphin show, which is the Aquarium of the housekeeping first card.  How exciting left to your own experience.  Reminder: Dolphin Marine Theatre is located at the place the deepest aquarium and six of the last resort in the region.  Performing sub-sessions, a schedule, proposed an inquiry into the hall to clear.  Earlier as far as possible to the ocean theaters, may not be difficult to find a seat, but to find one of the most favorable view of the seat must have the patience to sit for some more time. Schedule will be adjusted, but it was still attached to the present time, sea lions and dolphins show: 11:00,14:00, Saturday and Sunday afternoon will also add a show.
Provide interesting additional feeding performance, place on the ocean floor around the area: archerfish feeding performances: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday respectively 9:30,14:30 start time, Saturday and Sunday start time was 9:30 , 15:00; lion fish feeding performance: a day from Monday to Sunday, starting at 10:00; dive feeding show: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday every day two, the start time for the 10:30,13: 30.  Every Tuesday suspended. 
Aquarium is located in the northeast corner of the zoo, area nowhere near the zoo, but the project fine, and some participate in shows, so little time-consuming, no less.  If it is with children, physical strength, energy may have been a little test, pay attention to the needs of children, museum visitors is very large, pay more attention to safety.  Aquarium followed the biggest names in the style of playing the zoo, the museum few seats for visitors to rest.  Fortunately, there is a marine theater, so try to arrange a good time and play order. 
Ticketing area added: Taobao, etc. can be purchased online shopping site team votes, generally fares as low as 80 yuan, but need the specified time to the zoo to the north gate entrance line.

Recommendation: aquariums and zoos, seriously take a full day tour is not over. 
Fare policy: 120, including the zoo tickets, free of charge for children under 1.2 meters, each with a limit of 2 adults; 18 years of age, the students, children and servicemen, the elderly vouchers half hours: 9:00 ~ 17 off-season : 00, 9:00 ~ 17:30 season 
Address: Haidian District, No. 18 B Gaoliang Qiao Xie Jie, Beijing Zoo North Gate Transportation: Express 105, the terminal is to get off in the Garden Hotel, 16,26, 103 Road Express Beijing Jiaotong University, got off to a viaduct direction, under the bridge to a zoo to see the back door, back door to the zoo from the station about 400 meters, walk about 5 minutes.  If the main entrance from the zoo, Sea World tickets can be purchased statements.  Mode of transportation with the zoo.

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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