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Nostalgia - Nanluoguxiang

 Came to Beijing, in addition to climbing the Great Wall, eat roast duck, see flyover juggling, must be to stroll the old Beijing's hutongs. 

Alley many times in these wandering, always nostalgia, stroll in the Nanluoguxiang, as if deep in the winding time crawling. 

Like the quiet, so simple, yet so refined, like a tranquil woman, full of the charm of reading endless, endless bustling goods, so that visitors willing to get lost here.

Nanluoguxiang old Beijing has been affectionately calling a woman "Centipede Lane", the whole street Lane from south to north, there are 8 west alley alley Fortune, I am similar alley, Rain is lane, alley children hats, Jing Yang alley, manholes alley, black sesame alley, the alley before the Drum Tower Court; the east alley Chaodou 8 alley, alley MILL, East Hutong, the alley north Maybe Mars, Qinlao alley, the first round en Temple Hutong, the alley after the round en Temple , Ju child alley.  Interestingly, these alley in the Yuan Dynasty, the terrain did not name, in the hundred years of ups and downs, their symbols from a variety of moving the story slowly evolved. 
Here, there are many former residences of celebrities, as Nanluoguxiang accumulated rich cultural heritage, painting master Qi, Qing Dynasty scholar Wen Yu, the last Empress Wan Rong's hometown, Chiang Hang Yuan, the former residence of conflicts. . .  And Nanluoguxiang is a veritable Bar Street, the whole courtyard bungalow Bar Street to the main door hanging red lantern, decoration style return to the traditional, simple, actual compliance in courtyard atmosphere and style.  And the Sanlitun, after the sea is different from the bar here is mostly quiet, harmony, nature, reside in downtown but away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, closer to life.In the lazy afternoon, sitting quietly in the bar here, give your tired body a rest haven, why not? 

Put aside all the impetuous, he gets the hand of love, the feelings of pleasure with easy to Nanluoguxiang it ~ Here, you can have Dora A magical dream and experience the magic through time and space to pursue colorful gorgeous childhood, a variety of specialty shops will give you an unexpected fantasy surprises. 

 Highly recommended - Band-Aid 8 
Address: 61 Nanluoguxiang. 
Into the "Band-Aid 8", feels like 80 years exposure to the 20th century, Beijing, red enamel basins, old tin toys, children's tricycles, and so strange T shirt everywhere.  At this moment, childhood memories will emerge in your mind?  The owner of the store name is Dominic, a native foreigner Ha! ~ Usually are a kindly aunt Kandian, whether you generously stores are welcome oh 

Highly recommended - Wen Yu cheese
Address: No. 49 Nanluoguxiang. 
Do not look at the humble store, but it is best to eat cheese Beijing. There are cheese, milk volume children, Shuangpi Nai, Yang tofu. Oda young owner, you can craft it as much as "plum." All year round supply of sour plum is also featured here.  And friends enjoy the red beans and oat Shuangpi Nai Shuangpi Nai, taste and smooth, sweet but not greasy, really want to eat also eat a hard line da Oh ~ ~ shop is very easy to find, lined with long queues Brigade is it!

In addition to various shops, there are some street stalls.  Pinch the Chinese, the old Beijing sugar-coated haws, loose soft cotton candy, delicious delicious fried tofu. . .  Saliva flow is not to be out?

Not only a tour Nanluoguxiang, and throughout the year, seasons, time difference, different view. Why not act like human breath, followed by children's friends, Fan art moving it up ~ 

For the crowd: young people, children, backpackers, older friends like to travel ... all kinds of friends ~ 
Address: Dongcheng District, Beijing, bus way: 104 power; 104 fast; 108 electric; 113; 201 night; 612; 758; special 11

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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