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Solitary cottage through the ages to climb Fangshan river thin strip of sky

Solitary cottage, including the attraction is bridge, river through the ages, thin strip of sky.

Rope bridge is indeed very long, daring colleagues dangling above, so that the rope bridge is more side to side, let a few timid dare not go, leaning on the edge slowly away, the result slow further and further, not farther away, then a colleague said, do not help take the middle would be more secure point, tried it, the effect is not bad to loose handrails, sloshing about in the middle of bold to go in the past.

Not thought through the ages the river bed so good, water is not too much impressed with the word for making a bed of stones, ran on the mossy rocks, almost fall.

And then up and leave, after a small Buddha temple, just to see the Buddha sitting, but just do not see the correction across the wall, keep the temple, and said, to watch again, this time only to see, in the head at the top of a small Zunxiang Buddha, red cloth wrapped around head, prayed about it, continue to climb out. 

Unconsciously transferred to a narrow and steep enough for a person on the stage, grabbed the iron chain chain to climb up, walk again, even walking in a crevice between two mountains, which a little black, moisture large a little boring, the rise of the sky only to see a gap, the original is to the thin strip of sky, is indeed a bit dangerous, I feel humans are indistinct small, it seems to be big rock at any time feeling depressed. 

The highest point down the thin strip of sky, see the Xiaogushan corner, but we also do not have time and energy to climb out. 

Cs stockade there is also live in the playing field and go-kart venue, but unfortunately the area is a bit small, but also can ride horses up the mountain side of the road, we all feel unsafe riding, if the horse was frightened, very dangerous the. 

Noon to eat the so-called peasant families in rainbow trout and roast leg of lamb was only two small cap only, not imagined a large, to a farm of corn bread, eating well, there are deep-fried pepper leaves, kebabs to boast, and the meat a little old, ate three corn tortillas on the basic full. 

Meal we went to the drift of the Juma River, which is thirteen rapids where we put on one coat, and put on a life jacket, a yellow life jacket, large areas of basking on the shore, we arbitrarily selected something to wear to a group of men and women divided the group to begin the next inflatable boats, and a man who wants a pulp, paddled, do not take the first rhythm, over to the edge of plants, quite a while to come out, and then advantage of the opportunity through the rapids of a fast-flowing, water splashed on his clothes and kayak in every passing rapids after water began to splash into the kayak, clothes wet is inevitable, and later it began to rain even the weather, and everyone in the calm waters at, playing the original performance with the pulp, splash and rain to wet hair, but everybody was very happy, looking at the edge of the mountain stream, and I feel very comfortable, took a deep breath, feeling great It's a gift of natural gift, and later under the kayak, we all ran for the clean clothes, chatted on the street will, eating sundries, happy ending one day myself. . . 

Back, arms and Youyao yesterday very uncomfortable, it is estimated kayaking, the old right of the force caused by, well, really pain and happiness ah.

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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