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10 feel the ancient capital of Xi'an in early winter and a half three days tour


1,进入到十二月,天一天比一天冷,尤其是北方,全国的旅游季,随着世博会,亚运会的结束,淡季也开始了; 1, into December, the days of the cold every day, especially in the north, the country's tourist season, with the World Expo, the Asian Games end, the off-season has begun;
2 拿西安来说,明年4月底到10月将要举办世界园艺博览会,目前城市在造地铁一号线,有些影响交通; 2 Na Xian, next year by the end of April to October will host the World Horticultural Exposition, now in making the city subway, and some impact on traffic;
3 于自己来说,由于抢到了春秋的特价来回不含税的各99元的双程机票,决定这个初冬去古都西安了; 3 on their own, because the special back and forth to grab the spring and not included in the 99-trip ticket, decided this winter to the ancient capital of Xi'an, the;

行程(之所以以下的顺序主要是因为陕西历史博物馆每周一闭馆) Travel (in the order of reason is mainly because the Shaanxi History Museum is closed every Monday)

12.11 地铁去浦东国际机场,这次亲自经历了一回,8号线从成山路站出发,一站路换7号线,到龙阳路换2号线,到广兰路换去机场的专线,换乘的时候没有特别等很长的时间,共耗时1小时22分钟; 12.11 subway to Pudong international airport, this time to personally experience a back line 8 into the mountain from the station, Station Road, for a line 7 to Longyang for Line 2, to the wide blue line to the airport road for , especially when there is no such transfer for a long time, took 1 hour 22 minutes;
14:05分飞机准时起飞,到机场后,机场大巴到鼓楼对面的美仑酒店,机场大巴挺快,只要一个小时不到,然后过地道,转了下回民街,路过那的高家大院, 14:05 hours the aircraft took off on time, to the airport, the airport bus to the tower opposite the Royalton Hotel, the airport bus very quickly, as long as less than an hour, and then had authentic, turn under the Muslim Street, past the high Courtyard ,
在贾三灌汤包子,吃了一笼,外加酸梅汤,和八宝稀饭,还吃了一些小吃,然后,穿过钟楼地道,沿着南大街,一直走到南门,找错了青年旅舍,经过湘子门和顺城东巷的碑林老街青年旅舍后,总算找到了所住的书院青年旅舍,在登记期间,进来的十个人中,有七个人都是老外,晚上,看了会书,再去那非常有名的地下室PARK QIN BAR 坐了会,感觉那的环境不错。 Guan Tang Jia three buns in, eat a cage, plus plum juice, and eight treasures rice porridge, ate some snacks, and then, through the Clock Tower Road, along South Street, has come to the south gate, the wrong youth hostel, After the door rolls Shoshi Street Youth Hostel East Lane, Forest of Stone Tablets, the finally found a hostel occupied by the College, during the registration period, ten people came in, there were seven foreigners in the evening, will read the book, and then go to the basement of that very famous PARK QIN BAR will be sitting, feeling it's a good environment. 主要是古今交融,有西洋的音乐,酒,飞镖,也有兵马俑的装饰,模型。 Mainly ancient and modern blend, with Western music, wine, darts, there are terracotta decoration, model.

12.12 八点半出发去钟楼,买了联票,看到了编钟表演(9点钟有一场),接着,去鼓楼,也欣赏了演出(10点有一场);然后穿过北院门(回民街),到化觉巷里的清真大寺,感受一下伊斯兰教的熏陶;然后再次折返穿过地道,东大街坐公交,两站路,就感受到了西安第一商业街的繁华,到大差市下来,走路去张学良公馆(目前免票),出来后,步行20多分钟去到碑林博物馆,看到了向往已久的昭陵六骏中的四骏(另外两骏在美国),由于太冷,出来后,顺道去书院加一条秋裤,退了房间,因为睡得有些吵,换到了顺城东巷的碑林老街青年旅舍,老街晚上很安静;然后公交609去大唐芙蓉园,可能由于比较热门的景点,如果有学生证也只是打9折的了(不是半价),淡季68,旺季90,买票进门逛,看完19:45的水幕电影后,在里面呆了近四个小时,出北门,走到大慈恩寺遗址公园,没怎么进去看,因为很FAMOUS的大雁塔北广场音乐喷泉开始了,感觉非常壮观,气派,不愧是场视觉听觉的盛宴,接着回到住宿地,发了些微博,书院上网是15分钟一块钱,而老街旅舍上网是免费的。 12.12 start to the Clock Tower at half past eight, bought a ticket and see the bells performances (there was a 9 o'clock), then, to the Drum Tower, but also enjoy the performance (10 points are a); and then through the north courtyard (Muslim Street ), to the alley of the Great Mosque of sleep, feel the influence of Islam; and then again turn back through the tunnel, the East Avenue by bus, two stops to feel the first commercial street in downtown Xi'an, to the big bad city down, residence to walk to Chang Hsueh-liang (currently free of charge), out, walk 20 minutes to go to the Beilin Museum, have long wanted to see the four Zhaolingliujun Chun (Chun in the United States, the other two), the cold, out, take the opportunity to go to College added a Qiuku, back of the room, because sleep some noise, change to the East Lane of the Forest of Stone Tablets Shun Street Youth Hostel, Street is very quiet at night; and then bus 609 to Tang Paradise, perhaps because of the more popular attractions, if a student discount card is only played 9 of the (not half), season 68, season 90, door tickets shopping, movie watching, after 19:45 of the water curtain, in which spent nearly four hours, out the north gate, went down to Jionji park sites, not how to go inside, because it is FAMOUS in the Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Plaza musical fountain started, I feel very spectacular, magnificent, worthy of the visual field hearing of the feast, and then return to accommodation, Bo made a minor, the College is 15 minutes online a dollar, while the Street hostel online is free.

12.13 八点出发,穿过南门,去到先前预定的7天酒店南门店(振兴路上)入住,放行李,8点40分出发,公交到火车站,然后转306先去华清池,从景点来说,有些小失望,主要是淡季的门票是便宜了些,40元,但是芙蓉湖和一个纪念性的博物馆都在修缮,不开放,所以说服务也打了折扣的,当然,花了20元温泉泡了一下脚,感觉还真是舒服的; 12.13 starting eight, through the south gate, go to the previous 7 days of booking hotel south store (the revitalization of the road) to stay, put luggage, 8:40 off, bus to the train station, and then turn 306 to go to Huaqing Pool, from the spot for some small disappointment, mainly off-season tickets is a bit cheaper, 40 yuan, but the Lotus Lake, and a memorial museum are in the repair, not open, so that services are discounted, of course, spent 20 element hot spring foot a bit, I feel really comfortable;
然后门口101路去兵马俑,兵马俑呆了三个多小时,还是感觉不够,14:10-17:20,幸运的是买到了学生票,目前全价110,含秦始皇陵,顺便也去了那,感觉很失望,几乎没有任何东西,诺大的空旷的场地上,据当地人介绍,明年五一秦始皇陵会开放两个坑,但票价会涨到150;回到火车站时已是晚上七点了,公交车到广济街,从北广济街转到回民街,在老米家吃了碗牛肉泡馍,又吃了点小吃, Then the door to the 101 Road Warriors, Warriors spent more than three hours, still feel not enough ,14:10-17: 20, Fortunately, the students bought tickets, full price is currently 110, with Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, also went the way of that, feeling very disappointed, almost nothing, the empty promise large venues, according to local people, the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum will be open next year fifty-one two pits, but the fare will rise to 150; back to seven at night when the train station point, bus to Guangji Street from North Street to Guangji Hui Street, at home to eat a bowl of beef Laomi foam bun, and eat a snack,

12.14 八点过一些出发,走到南门外公交车去到陕西历史博物馆,到那约8点四十,寒风中站了30分钟,领到票后,租了个语音讲解机,约11点五十分出馆,公交车,去到骡马市的沃尔玛,想买些特产,但沃尔玛里面的东西实在不多,买了个蒙牛老酸奶喝喝,然后穿过钟楼地道,开始在回民街买特产及品美食,去了大皮院的王家饺子馆,半斤饺子,红红酸酸炒米,一碗酸菜肉丝炒米,刷牛肚,吃了个玫瑰镜糕,在刘纪孝(西羊市街和北广济街交叉口),买腊牛肉,在另外的一些店买了酸梅粉,油茶,袋装泡馍,等,最后到马路对面的竹芭市的挺有名的樊记腊汁肉店,买了个肉夹馍,一下午吃了那么多东西,也没有感觉很饱,可能是自己的胃口确实不错,不过可以撑到晚上,当天没有吃晚餐;在一旁的美仑酒店坐机场大巴, 12.14 some eight starting delivery of the vehicle to come to South Gate to the Shaanxi History Museum grandfather, go there around 8:40, got the cold for 30 minutes, received a ticket, rented a voice to explain machine, about 11 Fifty points separate the museum, bus, go to Luomashi the Wal-Mart, buy some specialties, but really not much stuff inside Wal-Mart, bought a yogurt drink Mengniu old, and then tunnel through the Clock Tower began in the Muslim Street to buy specialty food and goods, to a large dumpling skin Royal House of Hall, half a catty dumplings, red sour and fried rice, a bowl of pickled pork fried rice, brush tripe, ate cake rose mirror, in the Liu Jixiao (West and North streets sheep Guangji Street intersection), cured beef bought in the shop and bought some other plum powder, tea, bagged foam bun, etc., and finally to the bamboo across the road quite famous Patong City Fan Kee La juice butcher, bought Rouga Mo, an afternoon to eat so many things, there is no feeling quite full, your appetite may be really good, but you can hang on until the evening, the day had not eaten dinner; in the side Royalton Hotel take the airport bus,
坐机场大巴有一场小虚惊,我是5点50分的飞机,到美仑酒店是3:35分,他们说来不及了,然后一旁拉客的司机就让我上他们的车,有说100,有说40的,也有三十的,我说高于30不干,因为始终觉得不会那么慢,过来时,大巴才开了1个小时,最后,他们没办法,说三十吧,让我最后一个付钱,就上了辆比亚迪,在车上,听到司机和另外一位拼车的朋友说他要付100,原来是之前没有沟通好,那位朋友只好付钱,因此说,赶不上机场大巴没有很大的关系,拼车就行了,但是,之前价格要谈好,这次,四十分总就到了机场,非常快,一问,才知道,机场大巴开的是另外一条高速,比出租车开的慢很多,不知道是真是假,西安真不愧是西部第一城,连三号航站楼都开建了阿,飞机比预定的时间都还早的到了浦东机场,回家! Take the airport bus has a small false alarm, I was 5:50 of the aircraft, to the Royalton Hotel is 3:35 pm, they said it was too late, and then the side of the driver let me on soliciting their car, said to 100, with said 40, but also thirty, I said more than 30 quit, because after all, do not think so slowly over time, the bus 1 hour before opening, and finally, they can not, say thirty, and let my last a paid up on the cars BYD, in the car, heard the driver and another carpool friend said he would pay the 100, the original is not good communication before, the friend had to pay, so that the There is not much miss the bus between the airport, carpool on the line, but to talk about before the price is good, this time, four to the airport is always very fast, I asked, before we know, the airport bus is another open a high-speed, open much slower than a taxi, do not know is true, Xi'an City West is indeed true, and even built Terminal Three are open Ah, the aircraft than the scheduled time still early to the Pudong airport, home !

住宿: Accommodation:
简单点评, Simple reviews,
比较累,三晚三个地方,还好都不是离的很远,都离南门城墙很近,书院氛围最好,红红的灯笼,精巧的摆设,装饰,营造出很温馨的感觉;但是老外太多,有些吵,碑林老街青年旅舍,价格最便宜,比较安静,装潢也比较简单,就等于书院是重装修,但更重软装,而碑林呢,是都不注重硬装和软装,除了基本的配置;书院的八人间都住满了,而老街旅舍6人间才住了3人,7天酒店,在振兴路上,由于新的会员预定可以减免30元的房费,才花了97,还送一包光明奶,最后一天,住的可以好点; The worst, three nights three places, but fortunately, not very far away, all from the south gate of the wall very close to the best college atmosphere, red lanterns, exquisite furnishings, decoration, creating a very warm feeling; but Too many foreigners, some noisy, Beilin Street youth hostel, the cheapest price, relatively quiet, interior is relatively simple, it means that the College was re-decoration, but the more important software installed, and Beilin it is not hard-mounted and soft focus equipment, in addition to the basic configuration; College of eight world was filled, and the Street hostel world only lived 6 3, 7 days hotel, in the revitalization of the road, because the new members scheduled for 30 yuan price reduction, only It took 97, gave a packet of light milk, the last day you can live a good point;
主要花费: Main cost:
来回机票春秋含税438 Spring 438 round trip ticket tax
机场大巴加地铁55+14 =69 Baja Metro airport 69 55 +14 =
门票费:223 Admission fee: 223
住宿:40+36+97=173 Accommodation: 40 +36 +97 = 173

琐碎感受: Trivial experience:
春秋航空说些好话,回来的时候,进入到机舱,感觉位置好像比较宽敞,往外望去,机翼也很新,问了空哥,说此飞机才启用一个多月,让我想起了去年从吉隆坡坐亚航飞澳门时与一位在古晋工作的比较有钱的一个中年男士的对话,我问他,既然一直都空中飞人,为什么不选舒服点的马航,他说“亚航飞机又新,机票又便宜,为什么不选呢。”同理,让我想到了类似春秋的这种情况,由于航线越来越多,春秋每年需要购买大量的新飞机,因此,乘坐新飞机的概率在提升! Spring Airlines, said some good things, came back into the cabin, the location seem very spacious feeling, looked out, and the wing is also very new, and asked the air brother, said the opening of this aircraft a month, reminds me of last year from Macau AirAsia to fly Kuala Lumpur to sit with the work of a relatively wealthy in Kuching, a middle-aged man of dialogue, I asked him, since the flying trapeze has been, why not choose a horse feel better route, he said, "AirAsia aircraft and the new, air tickets and cheap, why not choose it. "Similarly, I think a similar situation this spring, as more and more routes, the Spring and Autumn each year need to purchase a large number of new aircraft, therefore, take the new aircraft The probability of promotion!

西安的冷我自己没有穿多少衣服,只是一件有些厚的外套,外加一件针织衫,但是秋裤,和帽子,手套都穿戴着,当时的气温基本是0度到6度的样子,没有很大的风,也没有雨雪,但是感觉脸和脖子发冷阿,要不时地用手套去捂住脸,难怪有很多的人都带着口罩,看来干冷也很冷的阿! Xi'an cold I did not wear much clothes, but a certain thick coat, plus a sweater, but Qiuku, and hats, gloves, wear, wearing, the temperature was 0 degrees is basically the way to 6 degrees, there is no great wind, no rain and snow, but it feels cold face and neck, O, or when to use gloves to cover your face, no wonder many people are wearing masks, it seems too dry and cold, O cold!

购物之改变在西安购物(指购特产)让我不再对品牌那么的CARE,而让我对于包装上的“清真”LOGO特别在意;不知怎的,就觉得回民的产品比较让人放心,可能源于最近这一两年出了太多的食品事故了吧; Shopping Shopping in Xi'an, the change (refer to purchase specialty) to the brand so I do not CARE, and so I am packing on the "halal" LOGO special care; somehow, I felt relatively reassuring Muslims products may from the last couple of years out of it too much food incidents;

没有“睡到自然醒” No "whenever he woke up"
睡到自然醒是很多上海的小资朋友在旅行中所期待的,也可能是最期待的,我这次不是去简单的放松心情,每天把N78的闹钟设置到7:30,然后出发,天黑了才回来,想想是到西安接受“再教育”的,历史的,宗教的,爱国的等方面的教育,能多吸取点就多吸收点,虽然,天冷,但,心,不会冷。 Whenever he woke up a lot of friends in Shanghai's Petty expected travel, and probably the most anticipated, this time I not going to simply relax, the N78's alarm clock every day set to 7:30, then off, the day black came back, think about is to Xi'an to accept the "re-education", historical, religious, patriotic and other aspects of education, and more and more absorbed lessons point to point, though, the cold, but, mind, and not cold. . .

购物, Shopping
去之前只知道那里的柿子,枣,猕猴桃比较出名,是特产,其他的知道些小吃,但到了西安后,才发现这里的小吃,多的出乎我的意外,让我真的感觉那的物产富饶! Only know where to go before the persimmon, jujube, kiwi more famous, is the specialty, the other to know some snacks, but in Xi'an, only to find here, snacks, and more accidents than I, so I really feel that the property rich! 在西安的四天,我像转经般的天天都去回民街,我帮父亲买了些豆瓣,半斤五块,第一天的晚上发觉在回民街的最南端近鼓楼处,有一摊位,有卖猕猴桃片,12一斤,他们家在淘宝有网店,店里15一斤,其实都一样的,第三天晚上去的时候,发现他们没有出来,正犹豫间,另外一家摆出来(因为在回民街,所以也相信摊位所卖商品的质量),我尝了尝味道和形状都一样,而且,由于时间较晚了,还统一都十元一斤,买了些,另外,还买了袋装的方便牛羊肉泡馍,酸梅粉(因为觉得喝过后味道不错),和酥油茶,以及一袋酸枣,回来后给同事分完了,而在刘纪孝买肉纯属偶然,因为来到西安后,发觉回民街有很多卖腊牛肉,羊肉的店,很多家都做,然后在芙蓉园外的子非草堂用餐时,和对方的老板沟通中,得知刘纪孝的肉最好,天天排队,结果,第三天晚上就去了,已经关门,最后一天去买了40元腊牛肉(35元一斤),回来后,感觉味道还真不错,咸淡适中,味香纯正,推荐。 Four days in Xi'an, I like like turning to the Muslim Street every day, I helped my father bought some watercress, half a catty five, the first day found in the Muslim street at night near the southern tip of the Drum Tower, was a booth there selling Kiwi film, 12 a pound, their home in Taobao Shop, the store 15 a pound, in fact the same, to the time the third night found that they did not come out, hesitated, the other one put out (as in Hui Street, so stand by and believe the quality of goods sold), I tasted the taste and shape are the same, and, because of the time later, and also unified all ten dollars a pound, bought some the other, also bought bags ease of installation steamed beef mutton, plum powder (because I think after the drink taste good), and butter tea, and a bag of wild jujube, came back over to colleagues points, while Liu Jixiao buy meat by accident, as to Xi'an, found that there are many Muslim Street selling cured beef, mutton shops, many families are doing, and then in the sub non-Paradise Cottage dining outside when the boss, and the other in the flesh that Liu Jixiao the best line up every day, the results The next night went, and have closed the last day to buy a 40 per cured beef (35 per pound), came back, I feel really good taste, salty moderate, shiang pure, recommended. 其实那的特产还有很多很多,比如,皮影,柿子饼等等,而沃尔玛(大卖场)的特产选择不多的;从回民街的最南端,左拐,沿着去钟楼的方向走,在世纪金花百货的后门处,有一排女生喜欢的小店齐聚; Fact that there are many, many specialties, such as shadow play, persimmon cake, etc., while Wal-Mart (hypermarket) of specialty chosen few; from the southernmost Muslim Street, turn left, go along the direction of the Clock Tower , department store's back door in the Golden Century, was a row of girls like to shop gathered;
下面来一两句话点评一下美食(主食)和小吃(自己吃过的) The following comments to a sentence or two about food (staple food) and snack (eaten their own)
小吃柿子饼,要注意趁热吃,就像如果提拉米苏时间放久了也就不好吃了一样,不过,我吃过三个,感觉无论是外形还是口感都和南瓜饼很相近,味道是挺好吃的; Persimmon cake snacks, pay attention to hot to eat, as if the tiramisu is also not a long time to put out the same delicious, but I ate three, I feel both the appearance or taste, and pumpkin pie are very similar, taste is good to eat;
八宝玫瑰镜糕,由于传说是以前皇帝给贵妃吃的点心而得名,口感和上海的糕团或多或少有些相同; Eight Rose mirror cake, as the legend is given before the emperor named Royal snack food, taste and Shanghai Gaotuan more or less the same;
烤牛筋丸,口感就如同一般的牛肉丸; Roast beef tendon balls, taste like normal beef balls;
烤牛肉和羊肉,价钱比上海还贵些,量并不怎么多,口感只是有些厚实,没有非常特别; Roast beef and lamb, the price is also more expensive than Shanghai, the amount is not how much taste but some thick, not very special;
烤面筋,用上海话来说,就是烤素鸡,,, Baked gluten, with the Shanghai dialect, it is grilled vegetarian chicken,,,
雪梨汁和凉皮,没有尝试; Sydney juice and Liang Pi, did not try;
樊记肉夹馍,分5元和6元,区别就是肉多一些,注意这个地方只有猪肉夹馍,没有其他肉的, Rouga Mo Fan in mind, sub-5 yuan and 6 yuan, the difference is the meat a little more attention to this place Pigs Rouga Mo, no other meat,
不过味道还不错;这也是我在西安吃的唯一一次肉夹馍; But the taste is not bad; This is my only time to eat in Xian Rouga Mo;
蒙牛老酸奶,味道和以前尝过的光明浓酸奶味道差不多,比较厚的一块一块的吃,形状像龟苓膏,只是颜色是白色的; Mengniu old yogurt, light taste and thick yogurt tasted before flavor similar to a piece of relatively thick to eat, shaped like a paste, but the color is white;
酸梅汤,真没想到这个东西是回民的特产,没有上网查典故,但是味道确实很浓郁爽口; Plum juice, I did not expect this thing is a Muslim specialty, no Internet search histories, but the taste is very rich indeed refreshing;
八宝稀饭,在贾三灌汤包子吃的,里面各种料多,挺不错; Eight rice porridge, steamed buns in the Guan Tang Jia eat three, which all kinds of materials and more, very good;

平娃烤肉,一般般; Ping Wa BBQ, general-like;

美食贾三灌汤包子,尝过之后,觉得虽然南北风味区别,上海的小笼里面是猪肉,而贾三里面的馅料是牛肉,但是就“汤汁”来说,上海的明显比贾三的多啊,看来类似的食物,还是上海的南翔小笼和无锡的小笼最美味; Guan Tang Jia three steamed dishes, tasted, the flavor that although the difference between north and south, in Shanghai there is pork dumplings, and Jia three beef filling inside, but on the "soup", it's significantly higher than JIA Shanghai Three multi-ah, it seems like the food, or in Shanghai and Wuxi Nanxiang the most delicious dumplings;
一分利的炸酱面,面是粗面,量足,但是没有八年前在北京云腾宾馆吃的炸酱面好吃,也可能是先入为主的感觉; A benefit-of noodles, is a rough surface, the amount of foot, but no hotel eight years ago in Beijing Yunteng delicious noodles to eat, the feeling may be prejudiced;
老米家的牛肉泡馍,没有什么特别,反正就是很吃的惯,因为当地的人介绍说这家和老刘家的泡馍最正宗,所以去尝试的; Laomi bubble steamed beef at home, nothing special, anyway, is it customary to eat, because the local people said that this bubble and the old Liu steamed the most authentic, so to try;
王家饺子馆的饺子,在北院门最北端处尽头,左拐,大皮院第一家,基本男士都叫一斤到半斤之间,一斤22元,馅料只有一种,韭黄牛肉,我点了半斤,吃的还是比较爽的; Museum of the Royal dumplings dumplings, the northernmost in the courtyard at the end of the north, turn left, the first large skin hospital, the basic call a pound to half a catty men between 22 per pound, filling only one, chives beef, I point half a catty, food is still relatively cool;
红红酸酸炒米,我点了份那的招牌,酸菜粉丝炒米,8元,感觉口感比炒饭好些,其实就是炒饭;这是我在西安吃的唯一一次米饭; Red sour fried rice, I ordered that the signs were, sauerkraut fans parched rice, 8 million, feel taste better than fried rice is actually fried rice; This is my only time in Xi'an eat rice;
樊记肉夹馍旁的海荣锅贴馆,看店面有些吸引人,只可惜,由于最后一天时间有些紧,又吃了挺多东西,没有进去品尝一下,不过这个地方离乘机场大巴的美仑酒店就十几步路而已,以后要去的朋友可以去尝试一下的; Fan Wing Kee Rouga Mo fried dumpling museum next to the sea, to see some attractive store, but unfortunately, due to the last day a bit tight, but also eat Tingduo things did not go in taste, but this place take the airport bus from the United States Lun hotel just a few steps to ten, after friends can go to try to;

其实去西安,回来后小结去那主要就是看历史古迹和吃小吃的(因为不以米饭为主),以上介绍了那么多吃的,购的,下面来介绍下重头戏— In fact, to Xi'an, come back to it after the summary is to see the main historical monuments and eating snacks (mainly because it is not the rice), so eat more of the above description, purchase, and to introduce the next main event the following -
景点 Attractions

先说一下没有去的景点及原因 Let me talk about the attractions and there is no reason to

华山---去过武夷山,黄山,张家界,对山不再有很大的兴趣,除了长白山,另外,时间也紧; --- Went to Wuyi Mountain, Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, the mountain no longer have much interest, in addition to Changbai Mountain, the other, and time is tight;
法门寺---路途远,票价贵(从28涨到了120),及并不信佛; Famen --- far away from your fare (from 28 rose to 120), and is not a Buddhist;
乾陵---主要是太远了,时间紧; Qianling --- mostly too far away, time is tight;
城墙---时间紧,留下个遗憾,下次再上城墙; --- Tight wall, leaving a pity, next to a wall;
大雁塔---晚间看了音乐喷泉,外观塔,进入大慈恩寺门票50,登塔还要30,有些贵了; --- Big Wild Goose Pagoda night saw the musical fountain, the appearance of the tower, enter the ticket Jionji 50, but also a plethora of 30, some expensive;
另外,还遗忘了一条街---德福巷; In addition, a street forgotten --- Telford Lane;
主要原因无非是路途远,时间紧,无兴趣,门票贵,所以没有去。 The main reason is simply far away from the tight schedule, no interest, tickets expensive, so do not go.

俗话说西安的景点,三分看,七分讲,在游程中,确实体会到这点, As the saying goes Xi'an attractions, third watch, seven speakers, in the travel process, really appreciate this,
比如第一天去了钟楼鼓楼,没有请讲解员,上去看到了专场演出,编钟和鼓的表演,只是象征性的演出,看到了斗拱,彩画等装饰,门上有漏窗,门的下部雕刻着中国传统的一些民间故事;但真正呆的时间不是很长; Such as the first day to the Drum Tower, without your guide, go see a special performance, bells and drum performances, is symbolic of the show, see the brackets, painting and other decoration, the door has Louchuang, carved lower doors Some of the traditional Chinese folklore; but the real time spent is not very long;

化觉巷的清真大寺,感到历史的沧桑,感到那么多年下来,保存的还是比较完好的,那里去的人不多,有些冷清; Lane of the Great Mosque of sleep and felt the vicissitudes of history, felt so many years, is still relatively well-preserved, not many people go there, and some deserted;

在张学良公馆,真的觉得中国尤其是东北人,和日本人的仇恨真的是不共戴天,看到了复制那时张学良的坐驾的老款别克车,巧合的是正好是12.12号去的,也算是个纪念日; In Zhang's mansion, really think that China, in particular the Northeast, and the Japanese really are mortal hatred to see the copy was Zhang's driving seat of the old Buick car, coincidentally happened to be going No. 12.12 , can be considered a Day;

碑林博物馆,蹭听了一回导游的讲解,这个地方以碑林为主,如果没有导游的讲解,几乎很难了解和理解其中的意味,其实这里面远不只有书法家们书写的碑刻,还有很多其他方面的宝物,最出名的要数老子像,北周五佛,和昭陵六骏中的四骏,有些巨大石刻,石雕(重达10吨的古代越南进贡的石犀),真的令人震撼! Beilin Museum, a back rub after listening to the guide, this place is dominated by Beilin, if not the guide, almost hard to know and understand the implication, in fact, far from it there are only a calligrapher to write the inscriptions, as well as many other treasures, the most famous to the number I like, the North on Friday the Buddha, and Zhaolingliujun the four Chun, some large stone, stone (weighing 10 tons of stone tribute to the ancient Vietnamese rhinoceros), really made were shocked!

大唐芙蓉园,不用请导游怎么讲,自己在里面转转就能感受到自己就处在唐朝那个时代,那个地方的;在那呆了有约四个小时,看到了号称全球最大的水幕电影,特别是节目尾声还有绚烂的烟花表演,很不错,虽然大唐芙蓉园比较有人为的痕迹,因为里面的一些建筑都很新,但是“事在人为”啊,这个地方确实很有情调,很有“唐” 的感觉,个人的小TIPS,比如,刚才提到的“事在人为”,因为,里面的一些景点,建筑是“死”的但,每天有很多场不同的表演从不同的角度来演绎盛唐的文化内涵,比如,茶道,舞狮,情景剧等,而这些表演时间基本都从中午左右,开始到晚上之前分几本时间段,所以说,来看的话,要值回票价,早点来。 Datang Furong Garden, do not you guide how to say that he can feel around in there myself in the Tang Dynasty era, that place; had been there for about four hours and saw the water known as the world's largest movie screen, in particular, shows the end there is the gorgeous fireworks display, very good, although the comparison Tang Paradise traces of someone, because there are some new buildings, but "depends on human effort," ah, this place is really great atmosphere, very "Don" feeling, the small individual TIPS, for example, mentioned the "human effort that counts," because, inside some of the attractions, architecture is "dead" but every day there are many fields of different performances from different angles to the interpretation of Tang Dynasty culture, for example, tea ceremony, lion dance, melodrama, etc., but these performances are from noon to basically around the beginning to the evening before in several of the time, so that the point of view, then, should be worth the ticket prices come early. 而且,还有一个好处是,当天进去后,可以从南门出来稍后再进去,只可以是南门出来,游客就可以出来吃饭,或者干脆时长点,去大雁塔看看,再回来,这样就不至于一天的时间全耗在这里了, Moreover, another advantage is that the day went, you can later go out from the south gate, can only come out the south gate, tourists can come out to eat, or simply a long point of time, to look at the Wild Goose Pagoda, and then come back This would not be consumed all day here,

大雁塔广场音乐喷泉, Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square musical fountain,
从芙蓉园北门出来后,直走不到8 分钟,就到了大雁塔的所在地,感到此地真不愧是西安的象征,虽然没有南门城墙那么雄伟,浑厚,气势磅礴,但是大雁塔本身在夜里的灯光下,格外醒目,庄严,挺立。 Hibiscus Park from the north gate out, straight ahead less than 8 minutes to the location to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an was here really worthy of a symbol, though not the south gate of the walls so grand, rich, magnificent, but the Big Wild Goose Pagoda itself night lighting, eye-catching, solemn, erect. 而北广场口那一根根巨大的华表,及很值得一看的时长很长的音乐喷泉,更是可以和世博会的晚间音乐喷泉相媲美! Which stud the North Plaza, a huge Chinese population tables, and well worth a visit, very long time musical fountain, is the Expo can be comparable night musical fountain!

华清池, Huaqing Hot Springs,
之前提到,里面的一些设施,景点在修缮,淡季的门票打了折扣,里面的景点也打了折扣,但一位阿姨很热情,一定要做我的免费导游,帮我讲解了五间厅,环园,温泉遗址等,我也守诺言,到她那泡了次脚,温泉很舒服,价钱也不贵,才20元,还看到以前的两个古温泉出水口,现在都还有水不断涌出,其他的,就没有什么特别的,亭,台,楼,阁,和中国其他陵园没什么两样,这个景区以温泉为主,外加,帝王,蒋介石曾在这里居住,沐浴过,增添了几分神秘色彩; Mentioned earlier, which some of the facilities, attractions in the repair, discounted season tickets, which attractions are compromised, but an aunt is very warm, must do my free guide to help me explain the five Hall , Central Park, hot spring sites, etc. I also keep promises, to soak the times her feet, hot springs very comfortable, the price is not expensive, only 20 yuan, have also seen the previous two ancient hot springs outlet, there is now continued emission of water, the other, nothing special, Pavilion, Taiwan, pavilions, and other Chinese cemetery is no different, the main hot springs area, plus, the emperor, Chiang Kai-shek had lived here, shower over, add a bit of mystery;

秦始皇兵马俑, Terracotta Warriors,
稍微花多些篇幅介绍一下,从华清池出来,门口坐101或者306过去,距离8公里,时间大概要花20分钟,2块钱,到那之后,门前有一巨大的秦始皇塑像,显得高大,威武,用了过期的学生证买到了学生票,卖票的阿姨都没有审查,就说55元,进去之前,听一位当地人说,明年五一票价要涨到150,原因是和如今的票价(110)一起连票的秦始皇陵明年将开放2个坑,之所以在这个景区时间花得比较长,是因为,从买票的地方走到正门口,还有3里路,电瓶车过去5元一个人,如果步行,会经过些卖纪念品的商店,走到那,也要花15分钟吧,入口的地方有两道,上面都写着“优惠票,验证通过”,原来考验在这里,还好,陕西的大伯好说话,放行了,又走了几百米,到第二道门,安检通过,这才进入到核心区域,看来能进入到世界三大博物馆之一的,兵马俑还真不容易啊,前面有那么多路要走; Chapters take a little more, from the Huaqing Pool out front to sit over the past 101 or 306 from the 8 km time takes about 20 minutes, 2 dollars, then go there, in front of a huge statue of Qin Shi Huang, look big, powerful , with an outdated student card to buy the student tickets, sell tickets to the aunt did not review, say 55 dollars, go before, listening to a local said that the fare to rise to 150 next May, and now because of Tickets (110) together with the votes will be opened next year, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum two pits, the reason for the time spent in this area than the longer, because the place went from the front gate ticket, there are 3 miles, car batteries in the past 5 yuan a person, if the walk will go through some souvenir shops, come to that, it would take 15 minutes, two instances where the entrance of the above are the words "tickets, verified," where the original test , good, good uncle Shaanxi speak, release, and then walk a few hundred meters to the second door, through security, this access to the core area, it appears that the museum can be entered into one of three in the world, terracotta warriors and horses really Burongyia, in front of so many way to go;
接着,依次参观了一号坑,二号坑(很多都没有挖掘,还埋在地下),三号坑,和陈列厅,亲眼见识了复制的一号铜车马,和真品二号铜车马,一些不同姿势的不同的兵马俑,刚出土时兵马俑的样子等等,其实,主要的还不止这些,三分看,七分讲,在这有非常充分的体现,不同的导游风格不同,讲出来的东西也不一样,渗透的程度也不尽相同,完全可以蹭不同的导游,听好几遍讲解,加深印象,所以,说在那是要花挺长时间的,其中一位导游讲到说这里的纪念品对于内宾都是可以1.5折的,而对于鬼子等欧美人士,就是为了创汇,才标这个价的;另外,据导游介绍,2,3号坑内不宜久留,因为有霉菌在没有挖掘的土上滋生;秦始皇陵,略,因为根本没有看到什么东西; Then, in turn visited the One pit, pit II (many are not mining, but also buried in the ground), Three pits, and the exhibition hall, a copy of the One witnessed Tong Juma insight, and genuine Tong Juma II Some of the terracotta warriors and horses of different positions of the different, just like terracotta warriors and horses unearthed so, in fact, the main more than that, three of view, seven speakers, very good in this embodiment, different guides of different styles, to speak out not the same thing, are not the same degree of penetration, can rub different guides, listen to it several times to explain and deepen the impression, therefore, that in time It is quite a long time, one tour guide said this referred to souvenirs for the guests are to 1.5 fold, and for European and American devils, etc., is to earn foreign exchange, the price was marked; In addition, according to tour guide, 2,3 pit should not stay for long, because the fungus in the absence of mining breeding territories; Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, slightly, because there did not see anything;

陕西历史博物馆, Shaanxi History Museum,
周一闭馆,最后一天(周二),八点四十到那凭证件免费排队领票,人并不多,9点正式开门,强烈建议租个语音讲解机,20元3个小时,需要自己配耳机;里面的看点还是挺多的,不一一具体叙述,去看了就知道了,主要想简单的和上海博物馆做个对比,上海博物馆96年开馆,馆藏文物近百万件,珍贵文物近12万件;而陕西博物馆91年就开了,馆藏文物如果我没有记错的话,好像是38万件,比上海博物馆少,但是另外还加了一句,国宝级文物18件,这个是重点,这个上海博物馆没有提到,另外明显的区别是上海博物馆已近代为主,而陕西博物馆的藏品历史更悠久。 Closed on Monday, the last day (Tuesday), eight forty pieces of evidence to that queue up for free tickets, not many people, the official 9 am opening the door, we strongly recommend renting a voice to explain machines, 20 per 3 hours, so you need with headphones; inside or with a lot of things to watch, not one by one specific narrative, went to see to know, mainly want to make a simple comparison and the Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Museum, opened in 96 years, nearly one million collection of artifacts, rare cultural relics nearly 120,000; the Shaanxi Museum, 91 were opened, and collections of cultural relics if I remember correctly, seems to be 380,000, less than the Shanghai Museum, but also added, national treasures in the 18, this is the key , the Shanghai Museum did not mention the other obvious difference is the Shanghai Museum have modern-based, and the Shaanxi Museum, more established collections.

综上所述, In summary,
西安最喜爱的地方是回民街,四天去了四次,喜欢这里的民风,民情,美食,小吃,让我感觉身在新疆,喀什,甚至于遥远的土耳其….. Favorite places in Xi'an Muslim Street is four days to four, like the folk, the people, food, snacks, I feel living in Xinjiang, Kashgar, and even the distant Turkey ... ..
其次是大唐芙蓉园,有情调,让人感觉身临其境; Followed by the Tang Paradise, a mood, immersive;
兵马俑不在评选之列, Selection of terracotta warriors and horses are not listed,
第三是书院旅舍地下室的park qin bar,去感受一下,哪怕只是打桌球,飞一下飞镖,看一下那的内部的古典的装饰,或是听一曲文艺青年的歌,喝一杯啤酒,都会感觉到不一样的西安;体会到她的精致; The third is the basement of the College hostel park qin bar, to feel, if only to play pool, darts flying about, it's inside look at the classical decor, or the young artists to listen to a song, drink a glass of beer, will feel to different Xi'an; experience to her fine;
另外,大雁塔广场喷泉,华清池的温泉也非常值得去体验一下。 In addition, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountain, Huaqing Hot Springs in Hot Springs is also very worthwhile to try.

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