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China travel - Featured Tour tracing Zen

 From: Guangzhou Destination: Guangxiao - Town Xinxing County, the Sixth Patriarch - Nanhua Temple in Shaoguan City - Danxiashan
DAY1:早上在广州坐地铁到西门口站,步行约500米到达光孝寺正门。 DAY1: morning in Guangzhou to the west entrance of the subway station, walk about 500 meters to reach the main entrance Guangxiao. 广州民谚说:“未有羊城,先有光孝”,广州光孝寺是羊城年代最古、规模最大的佛教名刹。 Guangzhou Minyan said: "Without Guangzhou, the first light filial piety", Guangzhou's Yangcheng Guangxiao is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple. 又有传说达摩祖师乘船到达中国的第一站便是广州,而光孝寺则是他讲经的地方。 Legend of Bodhidharma arrived there by boat is the first stop in China, Guangzhou, and Guangxiao is his preaching place. China travel guide
参观完光孝寺之后,步行约500米到达六榕寺。 After visiting the Guangxiao, walk about 500 meters to reach the Six Banyan Temple. 六榕寺早在南朝宋代(420一479年),六榕寺原址已建有佛殿,名为广州宝庄严寺。 Liurong early Southern Song Dynasty (420 a 479), the Six Banyan Temple Buddha site has been built, named Guangzhou Bao solemn Temple. 北宋初毁于火灾,宋端拱二年(989年)重建,改名为净慧寺。 Destroyed by fire early Northern Song Dynasty, Song Duangong years (989 years) reconstruction, changed its name to the net Hui Temple. 后苏东坡来寺游览,见寺内有老榕六株,欣然题书“六榕”二字,后人遂称为“六榕寺”。 Su Lai Temple, after the tour, see the temple there are old Banyan six, is pleased to title the book "Liu Rong" word, then later generations called the "Six Banyan Temple."
两个寺庙一个上午可以游览完,别忘了光孝路上面几家素菜馆都很不错,可以去尝尝。 A morning to visit the two temples finished, do not forget to light Hau Road above several very good vegetarian restaurant, you can try it.
下午做地铁转乘长途客车到云浮市新兴县,在县汽车站转车到达六祖镇,六祖镇有温泉,在这里下榻到温泉宾馆的价钱大概是300元/标间,节假日会升到600元/间。 Afternoon coach ride to the subway Xinxing County, Yunfu City, bus transfer to reach the Sixth Patriarch in the county town, the Sixth Patriarch spa town, where the price of hotel accommodation to the hot springs is about 300 RMB / standard room, holidays will soar to 600 / Inter. 如果是周围没有泉水到房间的酒店则只要120-200元/标间。 If you are not in the spring to the hotel room as long as 120-200 yuan / standard room.
安顿好以后,步行100米到旁边的国恩寺,这里是六祖惠能的生地,寺庙原来的规模不大,但是古色古香,今年把大殿后面倒塌的佛塔重新修好了,后山的步道也成为一个清幽的好去处。 Settled later, walk 100 meters to the temple next to grace the country, here is Liuzuhuineng the habitat, the original temple is small, but quaint, this year the main hall behind the pagoda collapsed again repaired, the mountain trails are also to be a good place for quiet.
国恩寺前面的大排档就有这里出名的六祖斋可以品尝,要是你佛祖心中坐,酒肉穿肠过,这里也有野味、小炒,山沟里面抓来的泥鳅做粥或椒盐炸都很美味,在大城市现在很难买到了。 Guo-en Temple, there are the food stalls in front of the Sixth Patriarch here fasting can taste the famous, the Buddha mind if you sit over wine and meat through intestine, there are also game, sauté, loach captured inside the valley make porridge or salt and pepper fried are delicious, bought in large cities it is difficult.
晚上花50元/人到温泉浴场消去一天的疲劳,这里的浴场装修比较旧,但是泉水是很好的硫磺泉。 Evening to spend 50 yuan / person to a day spa elimination of fatigue, where the baths renovated older, but the spring is a good sulfur spring.

DAY2:早上回到新兴县转乘大巴3小时到达韶关市,如果是在长运汽车站的,旁边就有道南华寺的旅游专线。 DAY2: the morning bus ride back to 3 hours to reach Xinxing County, Shaoguan City, if the bus station in a long operation, there is next to Nan Hua Temple Road travel lanes.
南华寺是写下千古绝句“菩提本无树,明镜亦非台,本来无一物,何处惹尘埃”的佛教禅宗六祖慧能弘扬“南宗禅法”的发祥地,六祖慧能在此传授佛法37年,法眼宗远传世界各地,因而南华寺有“祖庭”之称。 Nan Hua Temple is to write down through the ages quatrains, "There is no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, had no one, where can the dust alight," Hui Neng the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism in promoting the "Southern school meditation," the birthplace of the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng taught in this Buddhism for 37 years, Hogan were remote parts of the world, so Nan Hua Temple of "ancestral" said.
南华寺走马观花只需要2小时,如果你想细细品味一下,则最少4小时。 Nan Hua Temple fly and only 2 hours, if you want to savor what is at least 4 hours.
傍晚回到客运站转乘丹霞山旅游专线到丹霞山景区门口住下。 Danxia evening ride back to Mountain Line Bus Terminal to stay at the entrance area of Mt.

DAY3:如果你体力好的,早上3点起床登长老峰吧! DAY3: If you are physically well, get up at 3 am right Gordon Elder Peak! 事先最好看看天气预报,天气好的可以看到彤云似火,山若红霞的美景。 Advance look at the best weather forecast, the weather is good you can see Clouds as fire, if the Hongxia Mountain views.
然后参观别传寺-锦石岩-山脚用午餐-游江至阳元码头-阳元石,最后回到山门,坐汽车到韶关火车站,乘高铁1小时回到广州。 Then visit the Temple of Biography - Jin Shi Yan - the foot with Lunch - Tour Jiangzhi Yang Yuan Pier - Yang Yuan-shih, and finally back to the gate, take the car to Shaoguan Railway Station, 1 hour by high-speed rail back to Guangzhou.

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