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Beijing to Guangzhou, there are many trips, we arrived in Guangzhou at night just to rest. 大概20个小时,到了广州,找了个快捷酒店入住。 About 20 hours, to Guangzhou, looking for a quick hotel. 广州的住宿较北边都便宜很多,但是吃饭的价格会高一些,去一个酒店旁边的小酒家点了2个菜大概花了100多元,小提示:所有的餐巾纸都是自备,否则要花钱买。 Guangzhou accommodation are much cheaper than the north, but the dinner prices will be higher, go to a hotel next to the restaurant point of the two small dishes took about 100 yuan, a small note: All of the napkins are owned, or to spend money buy. 天气非常潮湿,北方的人们需要适应一段时间。 The weather is very humid, people need to adapt to the North for some time.
第一天先来到了服装市场,火车站旁边,10多栋楼赫然。 First day of the first came to the clothing market, near the train station, more than 10 buildings impressively. 人群熙熙攘攘,秩序却很好。 Bustling crowd, the order was very good. 大概转了将近10个楼,价钱跟北京批发市场不同,这边都是一般不砍价的,都是拿货价。 Turn around for nearly 10 buildings, wholesale price difference with Beijing, are generally not bargain here, is to take the goods. 一般为30--100元。 General 30 - 100. 很多不是单卖的,人不是很爱理你,除非你说要拿几百件什么的。 Many are not sold separately, the reason you were not love, unless you bring a few hundred pieces of something. 地下有一个贯穿整个底下的大型市场。 Throughout the ground floor under a large market. 很多高仿和高档货一般都会出现在这里。 Many high imitation and offers for higher quality will generally appear here. 稍微有点贵,都会上百,但是相比大商场而言是很低的价格了。 A little bit expensive, are hundreds, but it is very low compared to the big shopping malls in terms of the price. 人不是很多,适合不批发的人来购物。 Not many, for not coming to buy wholesale.
广州的交通非常发达,市内交通有公共汽车、电车、专线车、地铁等公交线路。 Guangzhou, the traffic is very developed, urban transport including bus, tram, buses, subway and other transit lines. 广州的出租车,起步价为7元(含2.3公里),每公里2.6元,通常到了晚上还可以和司机谈价钱,不过在广州乘出租车,最好是事先了解好要去的地方的地址,否则有很多司机路也不是很熟悉,要耽误不少时间。 Guangzhou taxis, starting at 7 yuan (including 2.3 km), 2.6 yuan per kilometer, usually at night and the driver can talk about price, but a taxi in Guangzhou, it is best to know in advance the address of a good place to go Otherwise, there are many drivers road is not very familiar with a lot of time to delay. 地铁也非常方便,可以到很多的商业中心和景区。 Metro is also very convenient to go to a lot of business centers and attractions.
食物方面,这里最多的快餐就是真功夫,一般吉野家什么之类的都是见不到的。 Food, most fast food here is really work, what usually like Yoshinoya are invisible. 这边的饮食方式非常清淡,以汤为主。 The diet here is very light, the soup-based. 所以口味重的朋友们要小心了。 Therefore, re-taste friends beware. 可能会有些不太习惯。 May be some not used.
晚上因为要到火车东站坐车,所以来到了附近。 Night because of going to the East Railway Station by car, so came to the vicinity. 这边有很多大型商场和高档会所。 Here there are many large shopping malls and high-end clubs. 如果很喜欢享受的朋友们来得时候就可以在这边住,然后进行大血拼什么的。 If you really like to enjoy when friends come to stay here, then what's the big shopping. 景色非常好,路边随便拍一张照片都像一幅画一样。 Scenery is very good, casual street is like a photograph as a picture. 绿树成荫,蓝天白云,美丽的羊城之旅就这样结束了。 Trees, blue sky, the beautiful Guangzhou trip to this end.

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