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Guangzhou Chime-Long Paradise Garden Strategy

Chime-Long Paradise theme park by the internationally renowned design agency for overall planning, recreational equipment are imported from Europe, which makes it both unique design and technology. 一些游乐项目还是亚洲或世界之最。 Some rides or Asia or the world. 单单这点,就足以吸引喜爱挑战的游客即刻出发。 This alone is enough to attract the tourists love the challenges of starting immediately.

市内多条公交线路可以到达这里,例如202、221、530等。 City bus lines to reach here, for example, 202,221,530 and so on. 也可以在市区乘坐地铁,到汉溪长隆地铁站下车。 Can also take the subway in the urban areas, to the Han River Long Long subway stop. 长隆欢乐世界的开放时间:平时上午9点到下午5点半,周末延长到晚上7点。 Chime-Long Paradise opening hours: Daily 9:00 to 17:30, extended to 7 pm weekends. 门票全价为170元,老人和儿童为90元,如果还要去大马戏团、鳄鱼公园和香江野生动物世界的话,可以选择与欢乐世界一起出售的套票,总体价格不会超过300元。 Tickets full price is 170 yuan, 90 yuan for the elderly and children, if he wanted to go big circus, crocodile and the Xiangjiang Safari Park, you can choose the packages sold with joy the world, the overall price will not exceed 300. 长隆欢乐世界还有各种优惠,例如生日当天游园免费(凭身份证上日期),结婚纪念日两人同行免一人票价(凭结婚证上日期)。 Chime-Long Paradise there are a variety of benefits, such as free birthday garden (with ID cards on the date), free wedding anniversary two for one fare (with a marriage certificate on the date).

特别提示:China travel guide Special Note:

1、虚拟体验。 1, the virtual experience. 出发前不妨登陆网站,在长隆欢乐世界的三维地图上先体验一下。 May wish to visit the Web site prior to departure, in the Chime-Long Paradise dimensional map of the world's first experience. 同时可以在网站上了解最近的优惠或者特别安排。 Also available on the website for the most recent concessions or special arrangements.

2、更多去处。 2, more place to go. 长隆国际大马戏是个不容错过的表演,强烈推荐一看,虽然票价不菲,但是电视上和现场还是不一样的。 Long International Circus is a show not to be missed, it is strongly recommend a look, although the fares cheap, but on television and on-site or not the same. 可以选择订欢乐世界和大马戏的套票,价格上会有一定的优惠。 May choose to provide joy in the world and the largest circus tickets, there will be some price concessions. 马戏表演一般是晚上7点半开始,最好提前半个小时入场,占个好位置。 Circus is generally 19:30 start, the best half an hour early admission, accounting for a good location. 还有长隆水上世界和香江野生动物园,也是全家出游的好去处。 The world and still has a long long water Xiangjiang Safari Park is also a good place for family outings.

3、早到。 3, early. 最好早上9碘酒到达长隆欢乐世界门口,因为游人很多,需要排队进园,尤其是周末和节假日。 9 am to reach the best Chime-Long Paradise iodine door, because many visitors, you need to line up into the park, especially on weekends and holidays. 对于热门项目,最好一入园就去排队,玩水上项目时,买雨衣是个明智的选择。 For popular items, the best line went to a park, playing water sports, buying a raincoat is a wise choice.

4、索要地图。 4, ask for maps. 入园时,记得索要地图。 Admission, remember to ask for maps. 了解游戏设施的位置。 Know the location of play equipment. 有效地安排好游玩的时间和顺序。 Play to effectively arrange the time and order. 留意当天的演出安排,在游玩的过程中,穿插精彩的小演出,还是很惬意的。 Pay attention to the program schedule that day, in the course of play, interspersed with wonderful small performances, is still very pleasant.

5、网上购票。 5, online booking. 可以到长隆欢乐世界的网站上购买任何一天的和欢乐世界任何一个园区的门票,系统会在网上支付成功后将购票号发到你登记的手机上,凭购票号在园区的自动售取票机或者团体取票处领取游园的门票,在一定程度上可以减少购票排队。 Chime-Long Paradise can go to the website to buy and joy any day park tickets to any one of the world, a successful online payment system will be sent to you after the booking number on the registration of the mobile phone, with automatic ticket number sold in the park ticket dispensing machines or groups to receive the tickets at the Garden tickets, to a certain extent, reduce the ticket queue. 购票一经确认,不可退票和延期,当日的优惠也不能享受。 Booking is confirmed, non-refundable and the extension of preferential treatment can not enjoy the day.

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