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Savor the flavor of the capital - Shichahai day

Beijing's many attractions, historical sites, new modern buildings, art district, etc., but if you would like to appreciate under the old Beijing style, we must go deep into the alley.  Many of Beijing's old hutong demolished, and now concentrated mainly Area Hutong, Dongcheng District, the Shichahai, bell tower, where Nanluoguxiang; Lama Temple, the Imperial College where there are a lot of alley; In addition, there are also old alley Liulichang possession. 

This gave you the tour route it under the Shichahai. Shichahai last 7-8 years is the rise of Beijing to the spot, where you can see the rare water downtown Beijing, that is, Hai Zi (ie: Lake). This Haizi if from south to north, in fact, from Zhongnanhai, the North Sea, all the way to the front the sea, after the sea, the West Sea.  Just ordinary people we get in Zhongnanhai, the North Sea is now a park (Royal Garden), while the former sea, after the sea, when the West do not visit them money.  The former sea, after the sea, West put together, that is, we called the Shichahai.

Here to introduce a day in the runaway Shichahai scenic tour route, which is Shichahai week tour. According to this trip around, it is recommended you easier to move forward, take small, and the camera just fine.What kind of drinks, food, Shichahai there some, no bands. Shichahai is the best spring and summer tour season, the spring is tender Liu Ruyan lake, a touch of green is very comfortable.  Summer is a lotus to watch.

If Shichahai area from the entrance of the landmark "Lotus market" where the arch into the area, walk north along the road, the left hand is the kinds of restaurants, the right hand of the former sea. The sea before planting a lot of lotus, lotus in full bloom in summer season, two or three friends sat in the afternoon and the open-air waterside seating, drink beverages chat, very comfortable. Heading north in the end this is a T-junction, go left of the former West Street, walk along the former Liuyin Street to West Street to the Prince Gong's Mansion, that is, and the gentry's mansion.

If you read the "beak Gangya Ji Xiaolan," wanted to come to Prince Gong's Mansion you will surely be more interested.  Prince Gong's Mansion are all within a lot of attention to the landscape, and his look, do not see any excuse.  Fortunately, a lot of tours here, Couzhuo listen to tour guides to explain, you will be surprised at many of the original landscape design of the palace are a variety of stress and said head.

After visiting Prince Gong's Mansion, walk north, back to the lake to the sea area has entered a post. Walk straight ahead along the lake (that is, the northwest), passing Kung restaurant, the price was okay, good dishes, can serve as a lunch option. When as if not hungry, then continue forward. 

If you continue to move forward, and come to a place Deshengmen Nei Street intersection, where the sea and after the actual front is the dividing line between the West Sea.  If you choose to continue walking, you will need to be back a week around the West Sea, West side, then the principal is worth the northernmost Huitong West Temple, GuoShouJing Memorial, also called the West Sea, a West Coast restaurant is very good sashimi. This restaurant is built along the West Sea, you can eat alfresco in the lake. Most unique, there are some rooms are located on board, you can package the next boat to dinner. 

If you are physically limited, you can choose not to visit the West, but went directly after the other side of the sea, visit the shore side attractions. After around to the other side of the sea, along the rambling along the way back after the (southeast), first of all you see is the former residence of Soong Ching Ling. Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling was originally a palace, so the inside is worth visiting, especially in the right season to go, you can see the full frame of the wisteria. 

Move out of the former residence of Soong Ching Ling, after Wanghai, will always come Yinding Bridge. Yinding Bridge after the sea and the former is the dividing line between the sea, one of the eight wonders of the old Beijing is the "silver bullion Mountain View."  Yinding Bridge River, a barbecue restaurant in old Beijing quarter, can solve the food problem.

Then you can choose to continue to walk around the lake, go back to before the sea, around Shichahai week to complete the feat. But I recommend you read Yinding Bridge, on the right hand of the pipe directly Guairu Byway (can not find ask, we basically all know.) Slanting pipe Byway is a side street, both sides are now specialist shops, bars and restaurants.  If you have to go out on to the street outside to safety.

On the street outside along the way north, you can see the old Beijing Drum Tower, Bell Tower, tour the way about it (Do not you think of the old songs, He Yong, "Bell Tower"?).

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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