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Beijing: the free exercise of a family of three Raiders

8-year-old son this summer, the summer holidays, we made a three-times the free exercise of mouth to Beijing, Why did you choose the free exercise of it?  Mainly because we want to bring the child to a lot of places are not tourist attractions in the package tours within and because of the timing of the team can not take care of the child to rest and physical strength, time and the free exercise of the starting spots in the day can be flexible run-length master, but fortunately I have been traveling for work a few times in Beijing, fully capable tour guide duty. 

Here is our classic line based, but an increase of around children Education in Entertainment, put the play in the free exercise of easy travel routes: 

Bird's Nest, Water Cube 
Our train is at 3 o'clock arrived in Beijing West Railway Station, the starting line before the set in a good hotel, it soon settled down, take a break after dinner very early, because the child in good spirits, with hotel staff Recommended Bird's Nest and Water Cube beautiful night, so that night we'll take the subway to the Olympic body square, night, in the broad square, one side is spectacular especially against the background of red light nest, on the other side is the whole body wall Rimbaud makes waves relaxing the Water Cube, the children in the square play happily bought a kite.

Day 1: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Prince Gong's Mansion, Hutong Tour
whenever he woke up the morning, a delicious dinner after 8 o'clock breakfast proceed to Tiananmen Square, simply enter the Forbidden City after the tour through the Tiananmen Gate Meridian Gate, because older children are limited, so we figure along the central axis according to tour guide, do not ask him all to understand, but let his momentum from building in the Forbidden City began to feel the history of the atmosphere and heavy; Shenwu Men from the Forbidden City After crossing the road is out of Jingshan Park, the park must be with children boarded a small hilltop, panoramic view in front of the Forbidden City, Beihai Park, the right hand side is the White Tower and a symbol of blue sky; out from the side door in the Jingshan Park alley snack shop, a few minutes walk is the Beihai Park, singing "Let Dangqi sculls," do not understand a leisurely tour package tours; recover from the back door and from the park across the street from the alley after the where is the Prince Gong's Mansion, where the building is more like a delicate southern gardens, do not forget to touch the piece of good fortune word rockery cave monument; near Prince Gong's Mansion is also a good place Hutong Tour, you can close the evening regaling price, our half-price to package the rickshaw, the driver spoke with repeatedly along the old Beijing folk customs, and finally we head to the lively pipe Yinding Qiao Xie Jie mouth.
  Despite the many attractions the day, but in addition to points accumulated in the Forbidden City, the basic is fairly relaxed.

Day 2: Badaling Great Wall, Imperial College, Temple, Temple of Heaven 
To save time and energy, we subtract the traditional route of the Great Wall tour the Ming Tombs and the Ming Tombs Reservoir, so the tourism hub not to take the coach, a long straight to the Deshengmen, a few minutes there is a trip directly to Badaling Great Wall, the green car, we sat in the pulley and down the Great Wall, at noon to return to the city. After lunch, take the subway to Lama Temple station, which means, as Yin Street, the alley is the Ming and Qing Imperial College within three generations of the highest institution, separated by a wall is the Yuan Ming and Qing dynasties emperor worship of Confucius Temple, walk through them, always by the rituals of poetry and literature the influence of gas; 4 o'clock we went back to the hotel on the way stopped by the Temple of Heaven, Echo Wall is a special place to go for a family of three, my mother whisper against the wall, the son of a circular wall at the edge of tens of meters away but clearly heard the sound of the call is definitely a person can not experience the joy of travel.  The day has long period of time in the car, still not tired. 

Day 3: the Summer Palace, Tsinghua University, Peking University 
Summer Palace relatively cool morning, we follow someone else's team, a tour guide in explaining the rocks and lost due to transport out of the family property of the "Prodigal Stone" origins, the children listened with deep interest, along the corridor to go inside, he seemed cheerful enough to Longevity Hill climb; the Summer Palace, the bus two stops is the Winter Palace, in the Western Tower and ruins of the water law, we told him that was once a royal seat gorgeous garden, but because of national weakness, eight countries invaded China After looting a fire burned the coalition forces, and considered him a lively patriotic education; Yuanmingyuan, Tsinghua University, Simon is out, go in there after the school visit and Pakistan, two dollars a not expensive, drivers along the way also to make a few brief introduction, the end is called the gate with the second arch at Tsinghua, down you can walk around; from Tsinghua few minutes out of the car to the East Gate of Peking University, in order not to fly, we are in the campus within and a family of three from Qingdao to spend 50 hard for a private car, the owner took us to stop and go, from the official law, Bo Yata to the library, very patiently explained every spot and the house people and things happen, and finally sent us north antique Simon, out in front of the door must give the champion a year into the new bridge, many take a picture, Oh, poor parental love. The day the child under a lot of education, estimated to be slowly digested Oh.

Day 4: Shijingshan Amusement Park, the Military Museum
Play, after all, is the child's nature, should be the preferred playground of Beijing Happy Valley, but due to lack of year-old child, Happy Valley because of the package is not suitable for many projects will be declined in him, so we went to the Shijingshan Amusement Park, ride Metro Line 1 to the amusement park station an octagonal stop the Shijingshan Amusement Park to see the door, where the difficulty of the game is divided into many grades, and can purchase individual tickets, but we buy a ticket to enjoy a reasonable allocation of the project, adults and children The play of several projects, more cost effective.  After sitting out the afternoon of Metro Line 1 is still back on the road in the Junbo stop, the door for an identification card to the ticket for free, thousands of years ago from a cold steel to modern advanced weapons, aircraft, real guns, so that big boy eye-opener, even the pleasure of fatigue are swept away. 

Epilogue: Wangfujing, Qianmen, Dashilan
Take the train until the afternoon, the Pro morning before departure we went to Wangfujing, Qianmen, and Dashilan, let the children plan to give families and students with the purchase of souvenirs, souvenirs. 

Four more days of travel process, we mainly children, both did not too tired, perhaps he broadened the horizons, the seeds planted feel Zhiyuan.

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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