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Beijing Gourmet Tour

The morning after breakfast, you can come around Nanluoguxiang, there are many specialty shops, especially food, must be to try.

First stop: Wen Yu cheese - the most delicious desserts you have a Beijing cheese, do not look humble facade, but the basic long lines every day, customers flocked to Beijing to have to try again.  Here the main supply Shuangpi Nai, almond tofu and most famous signature cheese.  Here all year round supply of sour plum drink, drink when friends can buy, the owner is very enthusiastic. 

Second stop: passing the restaurant - lunch at this restaurant which is the earliest known Nanluoguxiang restaurants, unique taste.  PIZZA here is very special, be sure to try it, if dry mouth, be sure to drink a cup of Nepali style, absolutely combination! This restaurant has a small yard, more attractive, especially foreign tourists, people like to taste the food side chatting in the courtyard side.  The owner of the restaurant is cattle, riding several times to Nepal, but also left many friends pictures posted on the wall in the restaurant, guests will be enjoyed traveling. 

Third stop: Kung restaurant - dinner business is very good here, less than half past five p.m., on the first floor of the hall to already overcrowded friends.  Environment is relatively better on the second floor, very quiet do not say, decoration personal feeling better than a layer, so the story can come to later, but also very're wrong!  Syria gossip less, and said to the question! Here is definitely a must bake cake, cut a large piece of ingredients is complete, edible fungus, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, peanuts, etc., very strong very fragrant, absolutely recommended!  Longjing shrimp are fresh, large plates, will sell well. Shrimp is not a big head, but it is hygiene, taste is relatively light, nutrients intact, you can choose when dipped in crude and other seasonings.  If you have male counterparts, so remember to pot carved wine, the waiter will be with the tin good quality jug served warm, which added a plum, taste good, does not intoxicate! 

Fourth Station: Double Street - enough to eat dinner, eat supper, you can now walk about in the evening around the time to Double Street, where the food can be very exciting Do not eat too much support, but oh, let me briefly a few: spicy crawfish, will not some people do not know the shop, so fire it!  Spicy crawfish and spicy crab is the main Gui Street, vegetables, spicy flavor that attracted many repeat customers patronize friends, new people but also the first to try it!  Inexpensive spicy crawfish here, one about a 5, 3 individuals in accordance with standards, 40 crayfish, along with several side dishes guaranteed to eat well, a total of 80, but also, if as a supper eat, try the taste, not much money to spend. 

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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