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Some fun festival in Harbin

Harbin Beer Festival, I had the privilege to join in the fun of Harbin Beer Festival, that scene is really quite grand, may sound. 哈尔滨人和啤酒那是出了名的,啤酒节设立了很多的广场,供大家消遣喝酒。 Harbin and it is famous for beer, the Oktoberfest set up a number of squares, for your drinking pleasure. 我去的时候已经没有位子了,只能是看人家喝,看到有很多的俄罗斯人在大口大口的喝着啤酒,到晚上十一点的时候,还是有很多人再等,据说哈尔滨人把啤酒当饮料喝,每张桌子都摆设一个自动饮酒机,比较方便,根据流量计算酒的价格,最厉害的是还有喝酒比赛,张着嘴接着就龙头喝,把老外都看得一惊一惊的,而且最后的冠军竟然是个女的,还有的比赛是情侣一起来的,场面特别的热闹,据说哈尔滨人喝酒比俄国人和意大利人还要厉害,两个人在酒馆喝上二十四瓶啤酒,是一桩很平常的事。 I have no place to go when, and only see people drink, see a lot of Russians drinking beer in the knocks, eleven at night when there are still many people wait, said the Harbin Brewery When soft drinks, each table are setting up an automatic drinking machines, more convenient, according to the price of the wine flow calculation, the most powerful is that there are drinking games, leading his mouth open and then they drink, to see foreigners are surprised surprised, and even the final winner is a woman, there is a couple games together, and the lively scene in particular, is said to Harbin Russians and Italians drink more than was even more severe, the two people in the pub to drink two fourteen bottles of beer, is a very common thing.
哈尔滨冰灯游园会,有很漂亮的冰景,有冰瀑布,冰书法,冰广告等等,布局很精确步步有景,同事配置有各种灯光,还有音乐,入夜后,万紫千红,流光溢彩,美轮美奂,在很多国家都举办过。 Harbin Ice Lantern Garden Party, has a beautiful landscape of ice, ice waterfalls, ice calligraphy, ice advertisements, layout, very precise step by step the King and colleagues equipped with all kinds of lighting, and music, night, riot of color, Ambilight , beautiful, held in many countries.

哈尔滨泼雪节,跟泼水节有的一拼,在北方,雪是象征丰收吉祥,所以就有了泼雪节,游人互相的泼雪,还可以堆雪,还有很多好玩的,在这一天也会有很多好吃的,玩累了就大吃,真是个不错的节日。 Throwing snow festival in Harbin, a fight with some of Songkran, in the north, the snow is a symbol of the harvest good fortune, so there throwing snow festival, visitors to the snow throwing each other, you can pile snow, there are a lot of fun on this day there will be a lot of good food, play tired, they eat, really a good holiday.
去哈尔滨一定要去看看啤酒节和冰雕,那些冰雕真的是很漂亮。 To go and see the Oktoberfest and the Harbin ice sculpture, ice sculpture that is really very beautiful.

China travel guide    Posted by on 01/04/2011

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