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Beijing cuisine

 Beijing snacks commonly known as "meet food" or "dish of tea", the integration of the Han, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu and other ethnic delicacies, and the Ming and Qing imperial snacks and form, varieties, unique flavor. 北京小吃大约二、三百种。 Beijing snacks about two to three hundred species. 包括佐餐下酒小菜(如白水羊头、爆肚、白魁烧羊头、芥末墩子等)、宴席上所用面点(如小窝头、肉末烧饼、羊眼儿包子、五福寿桃、麻茸包等)以及作零食或早点、夜老北京传统小吃协会 夜霄的多种小食品(如艾窝窝、驴打滚等)。 Adorned with side dishes including drinks (such as white water sheep's head, burst belly, white Quebec burned sheep's head, mustard baidunzi, etc.), with a feast on the pasta (such as small steamed corn bread, fried minced meat, sheep Yaner buns, Wufu peach, Ma Rong packs ) and for snacks or breakfast, the night the night the old traditional Beijing snacks Association Xiao multiple small products (such as Ai Wo Wo, Lvda Gun, etc.). 其中最具京味特点的有豆汁、灌肠、炒肝、麻豆腐、炸酱面等。 One of the most characteristic are Douzhi Jingwei, enema, Chaogan, hemp tofu, noodles and so on. 一些老字号专营其特色品种,为仿膳饭庄的小窝窝、肉末烧饼、豌豆黄、芸豆卷,丰泽园饭庄的银丝卷,东来顺饭庄的奶油炸糕,合义斋饭馆的大灌肠,同和居的烤馒头,北京饭庄的麻茸包,大顺斋点厂的糖火烧等,其它各类小吃在北京各小吃店及夜市的饮食摊上均有售。 Some varieties of old franchise its features for small Wowo Imperial Kitchen, fried minced meat, Wandou Huang, kidney volume, volume Fengzeyuan restaurant's silver, cream fried cake Dong Lai Shun restaurant, vegetarian restaurant, a large-yi sausage, and home baked bread with the Beijing restaurant linen velvet bag, fast point Dashun sugar plant fire, etc., other types of snacks in Beijing, the snack bar and the night market food stalls are available for sale.

China travel guide    Posted by grace on 01/11/2011

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