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What makes me want to Guangzhou attractions go, it is estimated that the sand surface.
记得当时我在江边发出感叹,拍婚纱照一定要来这里,呵呵呵。 I remember when I sent in the river sigh, wedding photographs have to come here, Ha ha ha.
记得在沙面里的小教堂做礼拜,看见许多收养中国小孩的外国夫妇,携妻带子,早早等着教堂开门,面目虔诚,场面温馨。 I remember in the sand in the small church and saw a lot of Chinese children adopted by foreign couples, wives and tape, waiting for the church early to open the door, pious face, and the scene warm.

鸦片战争时期为城防要地。China travel guide During the Opium War for the city defense to land. 鸦片战争后清政府被迫同意把沙面"租"给英、法帝国主义,该地沦为英法租界,改为现名。 After the Opium War, the Qing government was forced to agree to the sand, "rent" to the British and French imperialism, to become the British and French concession, changed to its present name. 1859-1862年挖掘沙面涌时,将沙面与珠江北岸隔开,只在东面架设一座石桥与北岸相通。 1859-1862 Chung in sand mining, it will be separated from the sand surface and the north shore of Pearl River, only a stone bridge erected in the east and the north shore of similarities. 现在沙面有沙面北街、沙面大街和沙面南街3条东西走向和沙面一至五街5条南北走向的共8条主要街道和马路。 Now there is sand sand North Street, Shamian Street, Shamian Street South, 3 and the east-west street and the sand one to five the total of five north-south main streets and roads 8. 而在东、北、西三面则分别有东桥、西桥、新西桥等与六二三路相通。 In the east, north, and west sides are respectively East Bridge, West Bridge, New Bridge Road and six hundred twenty-three interlinked. 岛上绿树成阴,环境幽雅,有胜利宾馆、沙面宾馆、白天鹅宾馆、广州国际海员俱乐部、波兰驻广州领事馆、朝鲜输出入商业、中波轮船股份公司广州办事处、沙面网球场、沙面游泳场等建筑和外事单位及体育娱乐设施。 Shade trees on the island, elegant environment, with Victory Hotel, Shamian Hotel, White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou International Seamen's Club, the Polish Consulate General in Guangzhou, the Korean Export Business, Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company Guangzhou Office, sand tennis courts, sand swimming pool and other buildings and offices of foreign affairs and sports and entertainment facilities. 沙面在中国近代史上有着重要意义,所以沙面最值得关注的是其控制规划区,也即属国家级重点文物保护范畴的,包括有近代沙面建造的外国租界建筑群在内的范围。 Sand in modern Chinese history is of great significance, so the sand is the most notable areas of its control program, that is a national key cultural areas, including the construction of modern sand foreign concessions, including the range of buildings.

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