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Beijing City Day Tour

Seeing the winter holiday, and winter travel to Beijing, you can play a little longer.  I designed a day tour in Beijing for the whole family line. 

First day: get up early morning start from Tiananmen Square, around half past seven to Tiananmen Square to see the flag, the flag is best to check in advance the exact time.  Proposed subway to go, because the bus may be traffic jams in urban areas.

After watching the flag if you want, there are several options: 
The first option is to the north side of Tiananmen Square, Zhongshan Park, shopping, park in the morning fresh air

Royal Garden is one of Zhongshan Park, the place is like planting the royal family, the park there are colored soil.  Zhongshan Park is now a good place for the public activities, and often have children of dear old lady collectively.

 Out of the Zhongshan Park, you can look to the Tiananmen rostrum.

 Down the tower, can go to Tiananmen Square on both sides of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, National Museum, a visit to the Great Hall, also at the way the National Grand Theatre Chou Chou is not a show, buy tickets in advance. Of course, taking pictures at the National Grand Theatre entrance is also very good drop. 

Dashilan lunch downtown at the front door to solve, but here is a good place for afternoon activities, which now repair the antique street, walking in the street car can take a bell.  Many old and famous street shops, are sold to eat, and have to sell clothes, such as Swiss beetle Xiang, Quanjude, are a, Tong Ren Tang and so on.

 The second choice is the Forbidden City.
Visiting the Forbidden City, then to early to buy tickets, go read the flag line, length of visit may vary, one can also visit one endless day, someone took a stroll around an hour to be out. If it comes out early, you can refer to the above design, to the nearby attractions and Dashilan stroll. 

In addition, a further time to consider some of the park north of the Forbidden City, such as Beihai Park, Jingshan Park and is a good choice, these are the famous royal gardens, Jingshan Park in the Meishan is hanging where the Emperor Chong Zhen, and the North Sea due to White Tower, and "Let Dangqi sculls" and is very famous in the North Sea boat on the lake do not have some fun.  However, winter may be frozen.Do not know if it is not open to the skating rink. In addition, the relatively cold winter Guanggong Yuan, have the appropriate preparation. 

Night can go to the Drum Tower, Tiananmen Square to the area to eat, back to hotel after their children, parents can go to Bar Street near the sea after the sit.  After the sea along the river is a bar, entertainment, and occasionally you can hear the singer singing with bands, if not winter, but also to the sea after the boat drink, do not Ziwei.  Bars are also antique style buildings, unique characteristics.

 The next day: 
Activities are mainly concentrated in the south of the First Temple, the Temple of Heaven subway line one stop there.
Beijing Temple of Heaven is one of the most famous attractions, there is China's largest wooden structure building - Qi Niandian.

Temple of Heaven covers an area of the garden is a big circle, and corresponds to the altar is, take "hemispherical dome", which is where the ancient emperor worship of heaven.  In addition, there whispering gallery, on the whispering gallery curious tourists can try. 

Basically, stroll out from the Temple of the basic to the afternoon.

Temple of Heaven from the North Gate and West Gate are the old porcelain mouth Douzhi shop, do not know specifically designed this way.  Douzhi taste of old Beijing can go in and eat two coke ring, if it is not suited to the taste of soybean milk, you can try the other specialties of old Beijing.

Can go to look after the bridge there is no crosstalk Devon community performances.

Bridge on the north side of the Temple of Heaven. If there is no crosstalk can also go to the East Third Ring Road area to stroll Panjiayuan antique market, antique market, if you do not like, you can return to the old city to city like a trip to the Hutong Tour foreigners.

Gui Street at night to eat the famous bar, where the food is cheap and tasty, but many shops are not well card. The entire street street are hung with red lanterns.  If a taxi driver said to go with the Double Street (pronounced ghost), it's very nice.

Day 3
Main activities include destinations in Haidian District, the Summer Palace, Zhongguancun, Peking University, Tsinghua University, the Summer Palace is the famous imperial garden, which Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake are famous attractions.  This relatively open, winter wear enough clothes.

Yuanmingyuan record of shame in Chinese history, is the patriotic education will go to the land.
There is also a very interesting maze, you can walk.

Zhongguancun is China's famous electronics street, bringing together the Top, Dragon, Electronics, Pacific Ocean several large electronics store, there is the related electronic digital industry benchmark, if you buy electronic products, digital products can be a good shopping, In addition this area also has a grown Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping malls in general, if a girlfriend does not like visiting the electronics market, you can go with a shopping mall.

If you travel with children, you can also go to Beijing University and Tsinghua University campus, as the top two universities in the country, where winter and summer vacations are received each year from around the country parents and students.

After dinner, parents can go to Sanlitun look, here is the famous Bar Street in Beijing, and later even more than the sea of urbanization, modernization, and worth a visit.

China travel guide    Posted by travelchinanow on 12/30/2010

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