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Yalong Bay Tourism Zone

An Introduction to Yalong Bay Tourism Zone

Yalong Bay is situated on the southern coast of Hainan Island in a counter-clockwise direction from Sanya Bay, on whose coastal land strip the city of Sanya is nestled, with Dadonghai Bay, the southernmost bay belonging to Hainan Island, sandwiched in between Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay.

Yalong Bay, radiating in a slightly southeasterly direction from the coastal land strip that is licked by its waters, is the Hawaii of Hainan Island, and thus of China (Yalong Bay is also situated on the same latitude as Hawaii).

Yalong Bay Tourism Zone is a world-class tourist resort under continued development, with a planned total area of 18.6 square kilometers that either already encompasses or will encompass seaside parks, international-class Hotels, holiday villages, conference centers, deluxe villas, an international-standard, 36-hole golf-course, a yacht club, a marine world and a water activity center, plus options for other compatible activities not yet finalized.

Besides its justifiably famous 7-kilometer-long, crescent-shaped sandy beach, the Yalong Bay Tourism Zone comprises, on its land side: a stretch of partially-forested rolling green hills that is popular with visitors in search of a good stroll in the purest of air, and which offers some excellent views of the beach below and the sea beyond; Butterfly Valley with its butterfly museum in the shape of a – what else?! – butterfly, and an adjacent, net-covered, outdoor butterfly garden specially planted with flora that constitutes the ideal habitat for the selected butterfly varieties (which include varieties of butterflies famous both in China as well as beyond, including some world-famous specimens such as the Ornithoptera Goliath Oberth, the Brassolidae family of butterflies and the Morpho family of butterflies); a Sea Shell Museum; and a 36-hole, world-class golf course.

On the sea side, Yalong Bay Tourism Zone offers not only a large, world-class harbor for yachters, replete with all the modern conveniences, but also several smaller islands interspersed between pristine coral reefs, and all of it surrounded by crystal-clear waters that are a scuba diver's dream-come-true.

The beach itself is warm, yet not baking, with an average year-round temperature of 25½ degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit), and with only slight variations from season to season. For example, during the coldest "winter" period, the temperature dips only 3½ degrees Celsius, to about 22 degrees Celsius (71½ degrees Fahrenheit). Farther landward are palm trees and the peanut tree (Sterculia Quadrifida) common to tropical climates and which provides ample natural shade, as well as the ubiquitous Chinese red pine. There are also plenty of rare flowers and grasses here, as well as other unusual tropical plants. Besides swimming beaches, there are also stretches of beach with odd rocks and unusual shoals for those who prefer a more contemplative seaside stroll.

With its sunny white beaches, its water sports activities, its magnificient world-class golf course perched in the most idyllic of settings, its rolling green hills that offer a cool, shady respite from the sunny beaches, a yachter's paradise, including the many reefs and islands that dot its open waters, its many national and international hotels (the Sheraton, the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton and the Holiday Inn chains are all represented here) and with its warm yet mild year-round climate and its laid-back tropical atmosphere, Yalong Bay Tourism Zone is the ideal vacation venue, whatever the size of your group – Yalong Bay simply has it all!  

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    Yalong Bay Tourism Zone
    • Yalong Bay Tourism Zone
    • Yalong Bay Tourism Zone
    • Yalong Bay Tourism Zone
    • Yalong Bay Tourism Zone
    • Yalong Bay Tourism Zone

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