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Feilai Peak

An Introduction to Feilai Peak

Feilai Peak stands in front of the Ling Yin Temple in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. There are many legends about the peak’s name. One of the most popular legends goes that an Indian monk once came to the valley, was very surprised to see the shape of the peak was very similar to one in India, and also that kind of peak is rarely seen in China. He therefore insisted that the peak was flown over to china from India. To fortify his statement, he said, there were two monkeys in one cave of the mountain. When the two monkeys finally were found, the Feilai peak’s name was created.

Su Dongpo once wrote the poem "every part of the streams and mountains are suitable for making a house, but Linyin and The Feilai Peak are most liked." Fei Lai Peak, 209 meters tall, is a pure limestone mountain that is very distinctive from the sandstone mountains around it. Large stones scattered along the peak are said to resemble animals like a flying dragon, a running elephant, a crouching tiger, and a fleeing monkey. On the other side of the peak, a pavilion named Cui Wei was erected to immortalize the national hero Yue Fei. This man contributed greatly in the war against Jin Tribe during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).The pavilion was destroyed many times before the large restoration of 1942. The current pavilion keeps its old face with fresh paint.

Because of the erosion by groundwater, there are many marvelous caves in the mountain. The caves of this mountain shelter about 330 stone statues dating from the 10th to the 14th centuries. The statues appear in a variety of poses ranging from standing, to sitting, to sleeping. In one of these caves, the Shexu Cave, if looking at the roof of the cave at the right time, tourists will see a beam of sunlight shining into the cave, this famous scene called "the Gleam of the Sky."

On the cliff below the summit, there are a large number of caves with exquisite Buddha statues, carved during the Song and Yuan dynasties. Among them, the largest statue of the smiling Maitreya Buddha is the best-preserved one of its kind and embodies the artistry of carving in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). With exposed breast and belly, it sits on cliff along the brook. Besides, there is image of King Da Li Ming with three heads, eight arms, and stripping to the waist, colorful crown on head and pearl and jade necklace on neck, a superb one in the statues of the Yuan Dynasty.

A new site by the name of "China Grotto Art Garden" was set up around the beauty spot of Feilai Peak in 1993. Thousands of professionals and aficionados in the fields of engraving and grotto research flock to this place to study the unparalleled Chinese classical rock carvings.

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Feilai Peak
  • Feilai Peak
  • Feilai Peak
  • Feilai Peak

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