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Yellow Crane Tower

An Introduction to Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower is on the border of the Yangtze River. It stands at the top of Snake Hill. It's splendid. Naturally, it becomes a well-known tourist attraction. In ancient times, a lot of famous people including Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Jia Dao, Lu You, Yang Shen and Zhang Juzheng successively travelled here, writing down many poems. The poem named "the Yellow Crane Tower" written by Cui Hao has been considered to be a wonderful work all the time. Therefore, masses of people can recite it. This poem reminds them of the former grandeur of the Yellow Crane Tower. When the Yellow Crane Tower was topped off, its appearance was exciting.    The old Yellow Crane Tower was 2 Chi (a unit of length (3 Chi=1 meter)) and 9 Zhang (a unit of length (1 Zhang=3.3 meters)) high with a 7-Chi-high copper top. It had three storeys.  The new Yellow Crane Tower is much grander than the former. There are 5 storeys in total. It's 51.4 meters high with a 5-meter-high gourd-shaped top. It’s nearly 20 meters higher than the former. The ground floor of the old tower is 15 meters wide, while that of the new tower is 30 meters wide. Hence, the Yellow Crane Tower isn't repaired, but rather reconstructed. It keeps some characteristics of the old tower. However, it's designed according to the present needs and people’s change in aesthetic standard.   When the bridge approach of the Changjiang River Bridge of Wuchang was built in 1957, it occupied the site of the Yellow Grane Tower. Nowadays, the rebuilt Yellow Crane Tower is located at the top of Snake Hill, about 1 kilometer away from the site. There are five storeys in total. It's 50.4 meters high. It has a spire. The eaves of each storey are upturned. Around the main tower, there are many others buildings, such as, the Shengxiang Pagoda, the Stele Gallery, the temple gate, etc. The whole building has a unique national style. The styles of each storey in the Yellow Crane Tower are different. The ground floor is a tall and wide hall. The midmost Zaojing stands over 10 meters high. On the front wall is a huge ceramic mural painting of " White Cloud and Yellow Crane ".   A pair of 7-meter-long inscribed tablets is hung on the posts on both sides. On the front wall of the second floor, "Note of the Yellow Crane Tower" written by Yan Bojin of the Tang dynasty is engraved with marbles. It records the rise and fall of the Yellow Crane Tower as well as some anecdotes about great men. At the two side of it are two mural paintings. One is "Sun Quan Built Town". It describes the history of the successive birth of the Yellow Crane Tower and Wuchang Town vividly. The other is "Zhou Yu Made a Feast". It reflects the activity that the famous persons of the Three Kingdoms come to the Yellow Crane Tower.

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