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Harbin Travel Guide

Visit Harbin

The Stories of Harbin
700 years ago, this area has gotten its name Harbin, meaning, "Where the fishing nets are dried." Harbin was the birthplace of Jin (1115-1234) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, the latter of which had a very considerable influence on modern Chinese history. At the end of the 19th century, Russia built the terminus of the Middle East Railway here. Later, more than 160,000 foreigners from 33 countries migrated to Harbin, promoting the development of a capitalist economy in the city. With its geographical location, Harbin has a close relationship with Russian; we can see it from the architectures in the city. In fact, Russia once had occupied the city for a long time. In the early time of the foundation of PRC, its heavy industry contributed a lot to the development of the whole country. For which, Chairman Mao once praised Harbin as the eldest son of the republic.

Harbin Highlights
As the earliest and biggest outdoor artistic exhibition, the Ice Lantern Festival invites artists from all over China and the world, exploring a new theme each year. It is listed as one of the 35 national 'absolutely rare and wonderfully beautiful' scenic spots by National Tourist Office. It is a unique art exhibition of ice and snow which gathers multiple subjects such as gardening, architecture, sculpture, theatrics, Chinese painting, Chinese literature and Chinese music, which causes great influence both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, modern science and technology of optics, mechanics and acoustics are applied to show us the multicolored and exquisitely carved ice lanterns. The dreamlike scenery of ice blocks with neon lights is beautiful and amazing.

Held every year, Grand World of Ice and Snow gathers the elite of the ice and snow arts and combines the ice and snow with recreation. It mixes the new creative ideas, artistic presentation, mass participation and recreation. It’s reputed as “the Ice and Snow Epic Picture”.  Besides that, you can also visit the new tourist holiday village and the golf course.

Harbin Today
Known as "Ice City," Harbin is famous for its winter scenery and bitterly cold temperatures. The annual Ice Lantern Festival, held from the 5th of January to the end of February, has attracted tens of thousands tourists from home and abroad. The winter here is long and cold while the summer is short and cool.  There are dozens of large and well-equipped ski resorts, including the largest ski resort in Asia-the Yalibu Ski Resort. These fine ice lantern and sculptures will create a feast for your eyes.

Besides, Harbin has a comprehensive industrial base, which includes the manufacturing of electronics and machinery, textiles, automobiles, and chemicals. The main agricultural products from the area are wheat, soybeans, sugar beets, flax, tobacco, and poultry. And you can experence the cluture of Russia.

What to do

Panax, pilose antler and marten are regarded as the 'Three Treasures' of Northeast China by the Chinese. These can all be bought in Harbin at very reasonable prices. You can find some Russian souvenirs here. Other kinds of Russian merchandise are sold in Guogeli Dajie, which is totally Russian in style.


Besides going to the Bar and KTV, in Harbin, you could also experience a completely different nightlife. Strolling along the exotic Zhongyang Dajie with buildings in different styles, you will find the soft-painted buildings quite alluring and even more charming and fascinating.


Heilongjiang Cuisine is famous for dishes prepared with mountain vegetables, other meat, fowl, freshwater fish and shrimps. It is hearty, robust, strongly favored food. The most characteristic products are the food that are fumigated or pickled in sauce, such as, fumigated raw dog salmon, baked chicken, red sausage. dumplings are considered to be the predominant. Approximately ten kinds of dumplings with different stuffing can be sampled here.

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